Five Years of GLORIO: 2012-2013

To celebrate our 5th anniversary, we decided to relive our favorite part of forcing ourselves to watch every anime that ever comes out: the surprises. Just about every season a show or two pops up out of nowhere and turns out to be pretty good, and we wanted to give a shout out to a few you might of missed. To start, we’ll be taking a look at 2012 and 2013.

A Very GLORIO 2014: Iro’s Downer Awards

Welcome to “A Very GLORIO 2014″, our look back at the best of the past year. We’ll be featuring a different post from each of our authors everyday leading up to our top 10 shows of the year. This year, Iro’s raging against the machine and looking at what he thought was extra shitty. Happy Holidays!

A Very GLORIO 2014: Marlin’s Labor of Love

Welcome to “A Very GLORIO 2014”, our look back at the best of the past year. We’ll be featuring a different post from each of our authors everyday leading up to our top 10 shows of the year. For today’s installment, Marlin brings back his Love Shack Emporium from last year including the much coveted Ero Kawaii Award.

The Wrap-Up: Winter 2014

It’s that time of the year again when all of our contributors get to shine a spotlight on the show they thought to be the very best of the past Winter season, as well as reflect back on the preview to see which shows let us down the most.

Golden Time Episode 22 & 23

The breakup is official as Banri slips more and more away. 2D-kun tries to patch things up with the group, but Banri’s psychosis upsets plans once again. Seeing no hope, Banri submits to his fate.

Golden Time Episode 21

After derailing the festival dance, Tada Banri is struggling to cope with his returning memories. As his new life begins to unravel, he plans on opening up to the rest of his friends about his past.

Golden Time Episode 20

Mitsuo is floundering in his mission as his time filming the Festival Club is running out. Tada Banri gets some ring advice from the most unlikely source, but new developments at the latest festival dance may put in a wrinkle in his plans.

Golden Time Episode 19

Tada Banri returns home to a warm welcome from his friends and Koko re-visits the status of their physical relationship. Mitsuo comes clean to everyone about Linda and asks for their help as he decides to film the Festival Club for his club project.

Golden Time Episode 18

Koko struggles to control her obsessive urges as she waits for Tada Banri to return home, catching Nana’s attention in the process. At the reunion, Linda does her best to help Tada Banri face his classmates.

Golden Time Episode 17

As Summer break winds down, Tada Banri, Koko, and Linda return to the Festival Club and some awkward assumptions. Tada Banri learns about a class reunion back home and plans to attend at Koko’s insistence. Mitsuo discovers Linda is also returning home, and in his effort to get closer to her he begins to unravel Tada Banri’s past.

Golden Time Episode 16

In the aftermath of the accident, Koko shuts herself away as she is overcome with guilt. Tada Banri visits her house for the first time and tries to console her, but their conversation opens old wounds in their relationship.

Golden Time Episode 15

Tada Banri and company try to make the best of their beach trip as their “mysterious” string of bad luck continues. This includes getting everyone in the same car with Mitsuo after their previous awkward encounter, but that may be the least of their worries as the day goes on.

Golden Time Episode 14

Tada Banri and 2D-kun suspect Mitsuo has a girlfriend, as he continues to bail on them during Summer break. Koko joins them in staking out their #1 suspect, which somehow turns into everyone making beach plans.

Golden Time Episode 13

Tada Banri and Koko try to move forward as the Festival Club participates in their big uhhh… festival. They look forward to spending time together over Summer break, but they find themselves encountering one new obstacle after another.