Golden Time Episode 16



In the aftermath of the accident, Koko shuts herself away as she is overcome with guilt. Tada Banri visits her house for the first time and tries to console her, but their conversation opens old wounds in their relationship.

Jel’s Thoughts

This episode felt a little protracted as most of it was killing time until Tada Banri got to Koko’s house. I’m not going to complain too much as there was the necessary business of showing how the accident impacted the rest of the crew and french bread wielding Nana is pretty awesome. But that coupled with the slowly eroding quality of the animation made this feel pretty average.


Fortunately Golden Time’s average is better than a lot of other shows, and the main event in Koko’s bedroom delivered. OK that came out wrong… ANYWAY, I try to avoid comparison’s to Toradora as the Golden Time has done such a great job of being its own entity, but I just want to say this writer is really good at writing characters evaluating themselves. As crazy as Koko may seem sometimes, there was a hefty dose of reality in her pondering why she isn’t an “adult” yet, especially for someone at that age. It was also interesting to draw a thematic parallel between Koko’s feelings and how Tada Banri has been coping with his own situation. In his case he had a defining moment that literally separated his childhood and adulthood while Koko is still waiting for hers, as much as she wanted this incident to be it. I really love to see pieces like that come together to support a strong theme. It makes me feel like I’m actually watching something meaningful and not just pure escapism.


I am kind of interested to see if there will be any significance to Koko’s dream. Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t give it much weight but considering this is a world where Amnesia Ghost can exist with his omnipotent Bad Luck Curse powers you have to think anything is possible. It seems pretty obvious nothing is going to take Tada Banri away from Koko at this point, so maybe it’s just a simple metaphor for her insecurity? That will remain to be seen. On a final note, Koko’s dad appearing in the final scene was a great tension breaker, and I have a feeling next week’s episode will be considerably less heavy. Either way, I’m really looking forward to it.

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