Golden Time Episode 21



After derailing the festival dance, Tada Banri is struggling to cope with his returning memories. As his new life begins to unravel, he plans on opening up to the rest of his friends about his past.

Jel’s Thoughts

We’ve come full circle as I can now yell GET OUT AMNESIA GHOST and THIS CANNOT END WELL at my screen, just like Golden Time’s earlier episodes. The sense of fear and desperation when Tada Banri has what I’m dubbing a “memory attack” is palpable, especially if you try and put yourself in that situation. I can’t even imagine what it would feel like to suddenly forget everything that happened in the past year and a half. It’s rather sweet and thematically powerful that Koko’s name is what brings him back to the present, but the shock also means we’re back to the POOR LIFE DECISIONS version of Tada Banri. I’m cutting the poor guy some slack considering how traumatic his experience must be, but he’s learned time and again the consequences of lying to escape his problems.


It’s that history of making poor choices that makes Koko’s latest departure much more painful than in the past. This is not the same insecure girl we met in the beginning of the show, and you’d have to think having a measure of self confidence would make it harder to put up with Tada Banri’s actions. I’m not saying Koko shouldn’t trust him or that I don’t fully expect them to be back together soon enough, but you can’t deny her trust has been tested more times than a lot of people would be willing to put up with. I’ll be curious to see if Koko really intends on leaving him or if this is just a way to bring him back to his senses. The bit about only coming to college to find Mitsuo could have been a hint as she has already come to accept her big “plan” was not going to happen. Maybe she just said that to cover her tracks? Whatever her end game is, I’m sure Tada Banri will come clean and the two will weather yet another storm together. Still, I applaud Golden Time for being able to muster up more drama in their relationship when I felt like there wasn’t any more to be had.


Lost in the shuffle we also had Chinami’s confession, which really wasn’t much of a shock. I like the whole Mitsuo/Linda/Chinami thing going but I’m glad that has been put back into its place as a side story. Instead of dominating the final episodes, it’s really just a catalyst to bring the cast closer together. I’m still banking on Chinami ending up with 2D-kun, who went into SUPER BRO mode this week, but I’m also imagining that happening off camera. With only a few episodes left I want to see the focus stay locked on Tada Banri and Koko, and I’m pretty sure that’s the direction we’re headed.

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