Red Data Girl Episode 3

Recap: Izumiko is having a change of heart about Teen Jerkwad and about going to school in Tokyo, which upsets the creepy Wamiya. Turns out, hes more than what he appears.

Red Data Girl Episode 2

Izumiko is still a huge baby, but apparently now she has legitimate reason. While trying to get in contact with her mother, they find themselves getting tailed by malevolent forces, which ends up being The Worst Father Ever. They stay at her abandoned home, only to have Izumiko be posessed by a spectral kimono lady. I am still not convinced this is anything remotely good.

First Impressions: Red Data Girl

Izumiko is a frail technowitch who is trying to change the way her life has been lead for her. Unfortunately, forces beyond her control seem to be guiding her life towards Miyuki, an asshole with an even greater asshole of a father.

GLORIO Spring 2013 Anime Guide

We’re about a little over a week away from the start of the Spring anime season and I’m sure all of our readers are dying to know what silly Japanese Cartoons the Glorio crew will be tackling this time around. So before you all go mad with anticipation, we present this handy guide to prepare…