Red Data Girl Episode 2


Recap: Izumiko is still a huge baby, but apparently now she has legitimate reason.  While trying to get in contact with her mother, they find themselves getting tailed by malevolent forces, which ends up being The Worst Father Ever. They stay at her abandoned home, only to have Izumiko be possessed by a spectral kimono lady. I am still not convinced this is anything remotely good.

Once again, I was very disappointed with how RDG went about itself. I know a lot of times leaving things up in the air can make for good suspense, but with so little explained it basically just makes me confused and bored since I don’t understand what’s going on. The worst part is Izumiko being just as spineless as she was last episode despite her wish to change herself. It gets worse when the unknown agents start freaking her out. Since we don’t know what these things are, why they want to hurt her, or why it seems she’s the only one that can see them, we have no way of empathizing with her fear, and it just makes the entire episode feel wasted.


Teen Douchebag and The Worst Father Ever didn’t make this any better, spouting even more nonsense about what the mountain monks do and what kinds of powers are at their disposal. Even what I assume was supposed to be the meat of this episode in the ghostly possession of Izumiko was totally sucked of any power whatsoever because both parties talked so vaguely that we were given no explanation as to:

A. Why she was getting possessed

B. Who was possessing her (in greater detail than just her name)

C. Why she’s so important anyway.

Without any of these things the entire scene is just confusing and stupid. It’s like this was supposed to be an infodump of sorts but they managed to use all that time being as vague with their infodump as possible therefore making it utterly useless. Red Data Girl has done nothing but disappoint so far. If it doesn’t give me anything to make me care about it by the end of the next episode you can guarantee I wont be coming back to it again.rdg02c

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