First Impressions: Red Data Girl


Novel Adaptation by P.A. Works
Currently Unlicensed

Recap: Izumiko is a frail technowitch who is trying to change the way her life has been lead for her. Unfortunately, forces beyond her control seem to be guiding her life towards Miyuki, an asshole with an even greater asshole of a father.

Marlin’s Verdict: And this was supposed to be my good show.

Not too inspiring here. Immediately I was turned off by the waif of a heroine who seemed to blow over from a rat’s sneeze, and it really didn’t do enough to bring me back. Neither was I inspired by what assuredly is our male love interest. Who knows why he’s necessary to the plot but there he is. Sure, there’s apparently some technomancy in effect here but I found it uninspired. The fact that her dad treated it like anything else didn’t really help to make it feel special or dangerous. I’ll give it a few more episodes out of the goodness of my heart seeing as I was given this title, but don’t expect me to keep with it unless I get seriously wowed.


Jel’s Verdict: Insufficient Data

I could see Red Data Girl turn into a fascinating psychological thriller just as much as I could see it turn into a dreadfully boring, convoluted mess. That’s exactly how I felt when I saw the trailers and nothing in the first episode swayed me either way.

I did like the mysteriously sinister vibe and the promise of some kind if techno powers, not to mention P.A. Works is on roll when it comes to making really pretty anime. But I feel like we needed just a little more info this episode to get us invested in the plot, which makes me worry about the pacing. I’ve seen enough to give RDG another episode, but I’ll need to be much more impressed next week to stay with it.


Lifesong’s Verdict: Underwhelming Reception

This first episode builds up a good sense of atmosphere and the animation and artwork are pretty, but that is really all it offers at first glance. This formula can work well for a mystery, but I am not sure if that is what RDG is all about or not. I can see this anime taking one of two paths: Boring, or intriguing. It is setting itself up in a such a way that the mystery will be behind the wheel and I will be disappointed if they drop that. I will probably give this anime an extended trial as I want to believe it will be good. This first episode doesn’t really give us much to hold onto.

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