First Look: Love All Play

Ryou Mizushima enjoys playing badminton and hopes that he can continue playing it in high school with two of his close friends. Following an unsuccessful prefectural tournament, he’s surprisingly scouted by the prestigious Yokohama Minato High School, who offer him an unconditional place at the school on a sports recommendation.

First Look: RE-MAIN

In junior high, Minato Kiyomizu was a water polo ace who was part of a quartet of nationally recognised players. However, a car accident leaves him in a months-long coma and erases his memory of the last three years. Now headed into high school, he has to decide if he still wants to pursue the game and, if so, how he’s going to regain his former skills.

First Look: All Out!!

The anime industry needs another group of schoolboys to sell their merchandise, and it seems the sports genre is popular right now. With no swimming, basketball or volleyball this season, it’s rugby’s time to shine.

First Look: Days

Tsukushi, a shy and clumsy boy completely new to the world of soccer, finds himself with a sudden passion for the sport after being asked to help out in a futsal match by classmate and budding soccer genius Jin. Despite his lack of skill or experience, and the fact that his high school is known nationwide for its amazing soccer team, Tsukushi decides to sign up.

First Impressions: Walkure Romanze

Visual novel adaptation by 8bit Simulcast on Crunchyroll Premise: In a world where jousting is an important sport, a young woman offends a knight and is challenged to a duel. Her childhood friend must show her the ropes.

First Impressions: Ace of Diamond

Alternate Titles: Daiya no Ace Manga Adaptation by Madhouse, Production IG Simulcast on Crunchyroll Premise: Eijun Sawamura dreams of taking his Junior High baseball team to the Nationals. Despite playing on a subpar team, he continues to inspire his teammates through the close bond they all share. However, when a talent scout invites him to play…

First Impressions: Hajime no Ippo: Rising

Manga Adaptation by Madhouse Simulcast on Crunchyroll Premise: The long running manga series makes its long-awaited return to the screens, picking up after the events of New Challenger and Champion Road. Having defended his title as national champion multiple times, Ippo continues to strive for his goal of discovering true strength. However, some tough challengers aren’t…

First Impressions: Chihayafuru Season 2

With the new semester in full bloom, Chihaya and the gang are on a membership drive. Unfortunately, all the new recruits seem to have eyes for is Taichi, most especially the recently heartbroken Sumire. Will they be able to find the kind of people that love karuta the way they do?