First Look: Scorching Ping Pong Girls

worsepingpong1a Alternative titles: Skyakunetsu no Takkyu Musume
Manga Adaptation by Kinema Citrus
Streaming on Crunchyroll


Remember when I called Ping Pong the best anime of 2014? This is not that.

 Marlin’s verdict: Ping Pandering

Some research shows this is actually based on a shounen manga, making this basically more of a shounen sports show than the cute girls doing nothing in a club ostensibly about something that this may look like at face value. That doesn’t save it, though, as it seems to combine the worst elements of poorly written shounen sports manga mixed with all the dumb cute girl tropes you could think of. That means that at the same time as we get the tired formula of a prideful ace challenged by a more powerful newcomer and one character whose whole existence seems just meant to tell us what’s happening, we also get a girl stuck on a fence, because isn’t she goofy? Also, she is happy all the time, otaku eat that up right? I just couldn’t really get the appeal until the very end, when the sweat magically made their clothes stick to their bodies and i remembered I was watching an anime. Interestingly enough, I looked around for the manga to see what it’s like, and the art style is mostly the same but it is much more detailed when it comes to fanservice. That kinda makes me question what the animation staff is going for, as they totally know what this show is for, but they seem to be unable to go all the way to just make it pervy and admit they’re making a piece of trash. It’s this kind of schizophrenic direction that always makes me shake my head. Take this as a detailed warning to stay away.


Apparently no one in this school has heard of a sports bra.

Jel’s verdict: Needs More Balls

I think this show actually could have been good if they toned down the fan service (seriously these girls are like 12-14), improved the production values considerably, reworked the character designs into something much more pleasant, re-wrote the dialogue, and… well you get the point. It’s not very good. The one amusing thing it does has going for it is the potential for some hot blooded sports action which we get in very small doses. I liked the idea of the main girl being shy and meek until she picks up the ping pong racquet and dominates everyone. Had that been the focus, complete with vaguely supernatural special moves, I might actually be interested. That was far from the case though, and instead we have this ugly, offensive, and badly written mess to deal with.

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