First Impressions: Ace of Diamond


Alternate Titles: Daiya no Ace
Manga Adaptation by Madhouse, Production IG
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

Premise: Eijun Sawamura dreams of taking his Junior High baseball team to the Nationals. Despite playing on a subpar team, he continues to inspire his teammates through the close bond they all share. However, when a talent scout invites him to play in Tokyo at a school with a prestigious and successful baseball team, he must decide whether to follow his dreams or stay with his friends.

Gee’s Verdict: Promising

As the designated hot blooded guy here, it seems like Ace of Diamond would be right up my alley. And so far it is for the most part. It’s not perfect though, that’s for sure. Eijun is your typical dumbass hot blooded shonen hero. You got some really cliche anime visual gags. And worst of all, we’re already down the path of “he has the hidden potential to go to the top” trope that sports manga/anime love so much. All that said though, due to the intrinsic team oriented nature of baseball, I’m hoping that rather than single-handedly win every game with his pitching skills, we’ll be treated to something more like Big Windup, where the success of the team relies heavily on its ability to strategize and work together.


Overall, I can’t really say much about Ace of Diamond. It’s doing things by the book so far, but there’s an undeniable spirit and soul to it. Whether I keep watching will hinge on its ability to capitalize on that and really show me an anime about hard work and guts.

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