Lost and Found Volume 4: Anime Arts and Crafts

Welcome to the Lost and Found, our convoluted question and answer segment where we tackle the most pressing issues from our recent search terms. Whether it’s a perfectly innocent inquiry about your favorite anime or a search that makes us question the depths of human depravity, we are here for you. In this edition, Jel curates the finest in anime music, art, and poetry for the most mature and dignified experience the Glorio Blog has ever seen.

The 5th Day of Glorio: Marlin’s Love Shack and Award Emporium

You are now entering the Nine Days of GLORIO, our non-stop year in review. Each day for the rest of 2013, a member of the Glorio crew will share some of their highlights from the past 12 months, all culminating in our Top 10 Anime of the Year. For Day 5, Our go-to man for romance Marlin gives us his favorite moments as well as some other things that he felt worth mentioning.

The Wrap-Up: Summer 2013

If you go around doing a season preview, it is only obvious you also close off on a season review. In The Wrap-Up, all of our contributors get to shine a spotlight on the show they thought to be the very best of the past few weeks, as well as reflect back on the preview…

The World God Only Knows: Goddesses Episode 4

Keima’s efforts become more focused as he searches for the goddesses, only to find Tsukiyo’s goddess has found him out first. To make matters worse, she caught him flirting with Shiori. Smooth operator he is, he can deal with it, but does that mean it’ll only get harder from here?

First Impressions: The World God Only Knows: Goddesses

Alternate titles:Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai, Kaminomi Manga adaptation by Manglobe Simulcast on Crunchyroll Premise: Keima conveniently gets to skip over some content as we start a full-lengthed arc. Goddesses like the one in Tenri are actually in some of the girls Keima has conquered. Can he help them before the mysterious Vintage gets to…

GLORIO Summer 2013 Anime Guide

For many of us Summer means hot temperatures, cold drinks, and lots of B-list anime. For your convenience, we have compiled this handy guide of the shows we’ll be taking a look at (hint: it’s just about all of them) and hope you’ll stick around for our upcoming first impressions.

OP/ED Op-Eds: Memories of First Love [The World God Only Knows]

“Memories of First Love” is a delightfully sunny, wistful tune that makes a perfect down to Earth counterpoint to Kanon’s pop idol stardom. I am a total sucker for voice actress Kana Asumi’s appropriately plain vocals, and perhaps an even bigger sucker for the gorgeous minor key pre-chorus that would feel perfectly at home in a decades old classic pop song. So kick back and enjoy the song, maybe it will help ease the wait for a third season of the anime.