The World God Only Knows: Goddesses Episode 11


Recap: Keima pulls out all the stops in order to conquer Ayumi before Vintage can complete their plot.

You see, this is the Keima I loved to watch. He’s not afraid to use dirty tactics. He uses every tool in his arsenal to expose the truth and get the girl. Keima is his wiliest when he seems stupid. Calculating when he seems sweet. You could hate him for the way he treats the girls, but you always know he does it for the right reasons. He may be callous, but he’s not unfeeling. All of those feelings of reading a girl of the week story came back in this conquest. It’s actually kind of poignant how the Vintage members directly interfere with the capture scenarios he’s planned, much in the way I think this entire plot encroaches upon what was the most enjoyable part of this franchise, but thankfully, for this short time, we’re back to how it was.


It’s at this point that the show goes into what I have dubbed “Marriage Chicken”, which is by far the most hilarious part of the episode. Ayumi is such a stubborn girl that she can’t help but get in a match with Keima to prove his true intentions. Keima is stubborn in his own way, and ratchets things up to keep the pressure on her to realize her feelings. I love how perfectly encapsulated the scene is by the parents walking out in the middle realizing how juvenile they really are.

With only one more episode left, all the pieces are in place to set up our grand finale. Vintage is making their final moves. Keima has set up his final gambit. Ayumi is waiting for him to set things straight, and never has the world been so dependent on whether two people make-out.

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