OP/ED Op-Eds: Memories of First Love [The World God Only Knows]

I’ve had Keima Katsuragi as my anime related internet avatar for a couple years now, mostly because that’s kind of what I look like, but also because I really like The World God Only Knows. Out of all the series’ many, many heroines my favorite has been Chihiro, the supposedly plain, average girl. I thought she had the best arc in the anime by far, and I loved that TWGOK’s first OVA follows up on her plan to make something of herself by starting a band.

After out K-ON-ing K-ON!, the end result is an ED performed by 2B pencils, Chihiro’s new cleverly named music group. Rather than a raw, three chord romp you would expect from a bunch of amateurs however, “Memories of First Love” is a delightfully sunny, wistful tune that makes a perfect down to Earth counterpoint to Kanon’s pop idol stardom. I am a total sucker for voice actress Kana Asumi’s appropriately plain vocals, and perhaps an even bigger sucker for the gorgeous minor key pre-chorus that would feel perfectly at home in a decades old classic pop song. I suppose that has more to do with the anime production team being on the ball than any plot related success, but still a good song nonetheless. So kick back and enjoy, maybe it will help ease the wait for a third season of the anime.

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