Lost and Found Volume 4: Anime Arts and Crafts


Welcome to the Lost and Found, our convoluted question and answer segment where we tackle the most pressing issues from our recent search terms. Whether it’s a perfectly innocent inquiry about your favorite anime or a search that makes us question the depths of human depravity, we are here for you. In this edition, Jel curates the finest in anime music, art, and poetry for the most mature and dignified experience the Glorio Blog has ever seen.

“K-ON Season 3”

I’m pretty sure no one wants another season of K-ON! if it means adapting the abomination that is the “college years” manga. The series with Azusa taking over the club is not much better. I would, however, be totally on board with an anime original story in which Houkago Tea Time fulfills their destiny as the pop rock group Scandal:

“2B Pencils Memories of My First Love Chords”

This a nice place to start. You can also check out the video below, it’s played really slow so you can get a feel for the chord changes: I have to say the song itself is not a “first time you pick up the guitar” level of difficulty. Chihiro might be a lot more talented than she lets on.

“How much hate do u have for World Break Aria”

I wrote a little in our First Look at the show, but here’s how I really felt watching the first episode:

World Break Aria, how do I hate thee?
My words penned hence can ne’er know its depths
As many light novels are naught worth the trees
For which they have wrought an untimely death.

You tease with a maiden so strong and fair,
her honor cleaved by an oaf with an axe.
Her uneven number of tails of hair,
a style so vexing I cannot relax.

Thy hero is weak and lacking in depth,
I yearn for the darkest shelter to hide.
From a high precipice I nearly leapt,
as he pulled the win from out his backside.

Of bad anime I’m weary and tired,
please end this show and purge it with fire.


“Amagi Brilliant Park Rap Names”

Seiya Kanie = Kanye West
Isuzu Sento = Fifty Cent
Latifah Fleuranza = Queen Latifah
Ashe = Usher
Kurisu Takaya = Chris Tucker (gotta complete the Friday reference)
Aisu Kyuubu = Ice Cube

“The Lingerie Song Anime”

I’m always ready to rep Love Lab:

“Nozaki-kun does Seo have a crush on Waka”

Yes. Speaking of which…

“Weekly Girls Nozaki-kun Special 5”

I believe you are looking for the little known weekly edition of the popular Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun manga. The quality is terrible due to the tighter deadlines, but the plot stays pretty much the same. Take a look:

“Emotionally Numb”

This is how you should feel at the end of these posts.

That does it for this edition. As always, leave any further questions in the comments below or enter it into the search engine of your choice – you might find your way to Lost and Found stardom!

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