Total Eclipse Episode 24

Argos and Team Russia split up to restore communications and slow down the BETA from activating Red Shift. Standing in their way is Major Christopher and a squad of TSFs. Back at Anchorage base, the threat of the Red Shift is causing dissension among the terrorist ranks.

Total Eclipse Episode 23

While holding off another wave of TSFs, Argos meets up with Inia and the remains of Team Russia. The rebel group reaches Anchorage base and releases the live BETA specimens being held their to cover their tracks, however their actions could have much greater consequences than expected.

Total Eclipse Episode 22

Cryska and Cui team up with Argos as the group desperately tries to find an escape route. Allegiances are tested as the group rescues Commander Sandek and new factions lay claim to the attack.

And I just remembered her name too

Total Eclipse Episode 21

Argos makes plans to train with Cui’s unit in preparation for their match with Team America. There are much larger problems looming however, as a new enemy emerges and takes control of the base.


Total Eclipse Episode 19

With tensions between the competitors running high, the commanding officers overseeing Blue Flag decide to send everyone on a hike to relieve some stress. The hike leads them to a natural hot springs, where the girls find themselves in competition for Yuuya’s attention.