Total Eclipse Episode 20

Just in case you hit episode 20 and forgot who the main character was

Recap: Total Eclipse breaks the Fourth Wall and makes a desperate appeal for viewers. Yes, they even made the Recap episode weird and awkward.

Jel’s Thoughts: I didn’t even want to watch this episode, let alone write about it, as this was the dreaded Recap episode that pops up from time to time. I just have to comment on how desperate they sounded though. Pleading with viewers with lines like “even if you haven’t been watching you’ll enjoy it!” and the splashing “you’ll enjoy the climax ten times more!” just made me feel sorry for the people still working on this. Then the scenes they rehash like Fikatsia’s boring speeches and Yui “falling in love” with Yuuya are retold like they were these great, life altering moments that we should cherish forever. URRRGGGHHHHH!!!!

See old clips also reminded us of when they had a budget

The only slightly new info we receive is a few minor details on Cryska and Inia’s background and why they have superhuman combat ability, but nothing we didn’t really figure out already. Any small bits of new info could have easily been told to us during the regular story if the writers were more competent.┬áBut hey, at least we got to see the new OP and ED a week early, because that’s really important right? RIGHT?????

4 thoughts on “Total Eclipse Episode 20

  1. Stay Strong, 4 more episodes Remain and it’ll be over.

    Muv Luv Promised Mecha slaying BETA action,and all we got was a Harem,Long Dragged out Story Arcs, a Chinese girl that makes me think she looks like Miku Hatsune,and a Girl who apparently gets drunk on Orange Juice.

    We got boobs instead of Mechas.

    Then again they should have just said THIS SHOW HAS BOOBS AND IS ABOUT EVERYONE WANTING IN YUUYAS PANTS at the first and it’d been a bit more bearable I guess…..

    Muv Luv,You Promised me things you aren’t exactly Delivering on. You have 4 Episodes to Try to impress the side of me that wants a Story,however the side of me that likes boobs and fan service is liking this.

    • Not for nothing, but there has to be somewhere better you can get your boobs and fanservice from right? At least stuff this season like OniAi is hilariously awful instead of just plain awful.

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