Total Eclipse Episode 21

They expect you to believe this woman can't handle a crush on a boy

Recap: Argos makes plans to train with Cui’s unit in preparation for their match with Team America. There are much larger problems looming however, as a new enemy emerges and takes control of the base.

Jel’s Thoughts: And in the end mankind’s greatest enemy was… MAN! Ugh. Sorry Total Eclipse, it’s too late to pull out any plot twists, especially when you’ve been parading them around in giant orange moving vans that no one could possibly miss. You’ve been shouting the whole class war thing at us this entire time, so the only thing that surprised me was the timing of the uprising. Can’t we just let these poor ladies fight over Yuuya in peace?

I have always given credit to the series for how it builds tension, so I will again mention they do a good job of that. They really had me wondering if they were finally going to pull the trigger on poor Tarisa (hey I finally remembered her name!), although it seems they’re still not ready to take out any of the main cast. And no, Natalie doesn’t count, I’m kind of surprised I remembered her name too.

Overall I do like the turn the plot has taken though, as desperate no-win situations are what Total Eclipse should have stayed focused on. I have so little emotional investment in the story or characters though, and even if the finale is a total bloodbath I’m not sure it will mean much. I will say I started to get a little twinge of excitement when Yui and Cryska were presumably heading to the hangar to suit up and fight. I guess the fact that this would be the first time the two main girls hit the battlefield at the same time amplifies the moment, but should it really have taken this long? Rhetorical question at this point, let’s just keep plowing ahead to the end.

3 thoughts on “Total Eclipse Episode 21

  1. The action in the episode was great, I hope at least there’s some good ending to come of this terms of possibly satisfying me in terms of seeing if this show wasn’t a total waste of time in terms of looking for a plot. They have 3 more Episodes now to change my mind if they can.

    Sure it’s good for boobs…..still hoping for a nice surprise towards the end.

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