Total Eclipse Episode 22

Her eyes are up there

Recap: Cryska and Cui team up with Argos as the group desperately tries to find an escape route. Allegiances are tested as the group rescues Commander Sandek and new factions lay claim to the attack.

Jel’s Thoughts: Well it took 22 episodes but we finally got all our principle characters out on the battlefield together. Sadly it was only for a few minutes and Cryska didn’t even have her proper TSF, but at least it was cool to see her rip a few mechs up completely unarmed. Once again I do like the sense of desperation Total Eclipse manages to create once they get around to their battles, and the added element of suspicion as Sandek joins the group makes for some great tension.

Sure, TOTALLY trustworthy

But as we have learned well with this series, they will ALWAYS find a way to undermine any positives they have going for them. Maybe I got a little confused somewhere but are there now THREE factions attacking the base? I was cool with the RLF or whatever attacking, it made perfect sense with the theme of the series, but are they now joined by some crazy militant Christian group? And what exactly is Team America up to? I have a feeling their attack setup is really a misdirection, especially in light of Sandek’s (mildly offensive) whining about how America loves to play the victim blah blah blah but my point is WHY are they making this more complicated than it has to be? Can’t we just stay focused on driving home the point and ending this plot line already?

I suppose any complaining I might do about the “plot” is a complete waste of my time at this point as there’s nothing they can possibly do to get me to care. Hopefully we can get a little more hot mech on mech action to wrap things up, as I’m sure Yuuya will have to confront his old buddy at some point. I’d love to see Yui and Cryska in action a bit more as well. And then there’s Inia to deal with. Everyone seemed pretty touchy around her, so I’m assuming she has some kind of special secret power or something. Guess we’ll find out soon enough, now let’s get this show over with already!

One thought on “Total Eclipse Episode 22

  1. It’s almost over……I just hope that if they end it with a harem scene you’d have to wonder who out of those girls Yuuya ends up with probably would be all of them…..then again this is Muv Luv so best we can hope for is a mecha battle that’ll end off the series and will have us wondering what exactly DID we watch.

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