A Certain Scientific Railgun S Episode 5

Mikoto finally encounters one of her clones and accidentally spends the afternoon with her as she tries to get more information. The situation changes drastically when she discovers the true, horrifying nature of their existence.

Kotoura-san Episode 11

After the ESP Club’s encounter with the attacker, Haruka begins to blame herself again for everything that’s happened. While Moritani tries to contact Manabe to cheer her up, she spends some time talking with Detective Tsukino.

Kotoura-san Episode 9

After recovering from her shocking vision, Haruka and the ESP club learn someone is attacking High School girls around the area. Despite her apprehension, the group considers taking further action.

Kotoura-san Episode 8

Haruka comes down with a cold and as Manabe takes care of her he discovers a surprising side effect. After she recovers, Manabe must pay for his perversions by taking her out on what is most definitely not a date.