Kotoura-san Episode 9

I thought that was Manabe at first

Recap: After recovering from her shocking vision, Haruka and the ESP club learn someone is attacking High School girls around the area. Despite her apprehension, the group considers taking further action.

Jel’s Thoughts: Last week’s cliffhanger was a potentially dangerous pitfall for Kotoura-san, which already walks a dangerous line with its mood whiplash. How in the world could they possibly jump from serious drama to romantic comedy to crime mystery??? Needless to say, I was relieved to see cooler heads prevail as the ESP club left the matter to the police for now. Having the kids go out to find the attacker would have really hurt the perfect balance of fantasy and plausibility the show has going for it.

His eyes are exactly where you think they are

Fortunately this meant more incredibly adorable scenes with Haruka and Manabe, particularly the entire stretch where she asks him to stay at her apartment. I don’t want to keep beating this to death but again, the natural progression of their relationship is just fantastic. Even Haruka herself mentions they never formally confessed, but hey, whatever happens, happens right?

The red bar is how much I loved that scene

Cute romance is pretty much par for the course though, so of more interest was Haruka encountering her mother for presumably the first time since she left. Once again these writers seem unable to do wrong as the scene never exploded into the melodramatic, tear soaked shouting match I would have totally expected from lesser shows. The situation was tense for sure, but it once again just served as a measuring stick for Haruka’s progress. There was even a glimmer of possible redemption for her mother. I might have a hard time accepting that right now, but I felt that way about Moritani and that seemed to work out.

Bonus points for making Mom look totally dead inside

Speaking of Moritani, we’re left with another big cliffhanger at the end of this episode which still leaves the possibility for the ESP club to play junior detectives. Considering Moritani seems to be directly involved I suppose it would be less of a stretch to see them get involved but I’m just not sure I want that to happen. After seeing how this episode panned out though, I will just shut my mouth there and wait to see what happens next week.

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