Kotoura-san Episode 11

What could possibly go wrong

Recap: After the ESP Club’s encounter with the attacker, Haruka begins to blame herself again for everything that’s happened. While Moritani tries to contact Manabe to cheer her up, Haruka spends some time talking with Detective Tsukino about her past.

Jel’s Thoughts: Now that this arc is over I can officially say this detective story was definitely more ridiculous and predictable than I would have liked. It was pretty clear Tsukino was the culprit last week and this episode just made it painfully obvious throughout. The part where Haruka “accidently” chucks her phone just screamed SOMETHING BAD IS GOING TO HAPPEN, so I found it hard to be too surprised when Tsukino did go into attack mode. The actual rooftop confrontation was completely by the book as well, with Manabe magically appearing at the right moment and Haruka undoing years of emotional trauma in a few sentences. It probably could have been a lot worse, but in a show that hasn’t taken any serious missteps thus far it was a little hard to swallow.

At least we got this...

Fortunately this episode is saved by a pair of great moments as the rest of the cast tied up their loose relationship ends. Arguably the most impressive thing Kotoura-san has done, at least writing wise, is seamlessly integrate Moritani into the cast. Thinking back to how selfish she was at first, could anyone have seen such a sweet and fitting outcome to confessing to Manabe? The other great moment of course was Yuriko and Chibi Keima, with their heart to heart conversation tying a nice bow on their relationship as well as Yuriko’s failed attempted to be the villain. I suspect her quest to clear her mother’s name will go on as the story continues in the manga, but it was a good stopping point for the anime.

...and this

Only one episode of Kotoura-san left and I have to say I haven’t felt this sad about an anime ending in a long time. I feel like there’s still plenty of stories left to tell and I would love to see another season. For now though, I suspect the finale will give us one more victory lap with Haruka and Manabe reconciled. Haruka’s mother appears in the preview so I imagine her issues will be addressed again, but hopefully they won’t try to tackle too much in one episode.

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