Your Lie In April Episode 3

At a pitstop on the way home, Kaori reveals she’s heard a lot about Kousei from his years as the Child Genius. Kousei is goaded into playing the piano for some adorable twerps until his trauma forces him to stop. He reveals to Kaori that he believes he can’t hear the music if he plays for long enough. After accepting that this is kinda ridiculous, Kaori goes on a vendetta to make him her accompanist for the next round of the competition.


Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 3

With Team Try Fighters officially formed, it’s time for them to get some real practice against other teams. This comes in the form of Kaoruko Sazaki, little sister of Susumu Sazaki and inheritor of the will of the Gyan. Against an experienced fighter, both Sekai and Yuuma are going to need to work out their teamwork kinks.


Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 3

Shinichi comes in contact with another Parasite in the form of Reiko Tamura, a new teacher at his school. Unlike other Parasites who just want him dead, Tamura is more than content to merely observe Shinichi and Migi’s strange symbiosis, all the while holding the lives of his friends and classmates hostage. However when a third Parasite comes directly to Shinichi’s school to silence him, he must team up with Migi and stop it before it’s too late.