Pilgrimage to Mecha 06: Mobile Fighter G Gundam

Join us for our Pilgrimage to Mecha – where I go back in time and catch up on some of the classics and hidden gems of the mecha genre. Whether it was before my time or I simply missed out on them, it’s time for me to watch them and let you know why you should too!

This time, we have guest author Iro sharing his thoughts on the glorious aberrant of the Gundam franchise: G Gundam


Sound! Euphonium Episode 6

The band receives a big shock when Mr. Taki announces that they will have to audition for parts, y’know, like they’re actually part of a competitive band or something. Most of our girls take it in stride, but Hazuki’s lack of experience compounds on her lack of motivation for playing the Tuba. With only a week until the auditions, the girls try to show her that no part is unimportant when you’re in a band.


The Roundup: Spring 2015 Volume 5

We’re at the midpoint of the season and the Balance of Power in The Roundup might be shifting. Arslan, Ninja Slayer, and SNAFU’s stocks are on the rise while Mikagura School Suite, Plastic Memories, and possibly even our beloved My Love Story!! are on the decline. Also, Nagato is still moe.