Your Lie In April Episode 2

The gang gets Kaori to her competition in the nick of time. Her playing blows the audience out of the water, and solidifies Kousei’s crush. Unfortunately, her unorthodox style gets no points from the judges. Realizing he’s only second fiddle to Ryota, he becomes melancholy once again, but he just can’t get her out of his head.


Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 2

Recap Miyaga hasn’t given up on his attempt to take over the Gunpla Battle club. With the student council on his side, it’s up to Fumina and Sekai to beat them in an official match to prove their legitimacy. Meanwhile we see what exactly caused Yuuma to give up gunpla battle.


Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 2

Resigned to his strange partnership with the parasite, Shinichi and the newly named Migi run into difficulty understanding each others’ vastly differing viewpoints and mentalities. Unable to accept that innocent humans are being slaughtered wholesale, Shinichi resolves to take a stand against the other parasites. Additionally, Shinichi himself begins to change…


The Roundup: Fall 2014 Volume 1

New season, new time slot, new format, new Roundup! Marlin is sticking with Akatsuki no Yona, Argevollen has somehow survived Gee’s cutting block, Aqua is getting Toku in our anime with Garo, Timmy is still eating the Fruit of Grisaia despite our warnings, Chris is keeping the shonen hope alive with Seven Deadly Sins, and I’m content watching 12 minute long Dreamcast commercials with Seha Girls. At least Log Horizon is still cool?