Random Manga Theatre 3: Tonari no Raenzel W

Hit the “Random” button and see what comes up! In this feature, we take a look at whatever manga the Random Number God decides to throw at us and find out if it’s worth your time.

This time: Tonari no Raenzel W, by Miyashita Miki


Yamada Ichirou really likes his classmate and stalks her every day waiting for the chance to confess his love. One day an extremely oversexualized 11-year old moves in next door and decides to latch herself onto him, implicating him as a pedophile and ruining his chances with the ladies his age. And thus begins a string of horrifyingly cliche coincidences that prevent our supposed hero from setting things right, with plenty of ridiculously creepy fanservice along the way.


Alright, we’re going to have a much shorter feature this time – partly because I could only stomach three chapters of this manga, and partly because those three chapters were pretty much all the same thing: creepy-as-hell fanservice involving elementary students with impossibly short skirts.

So 11 year old Sakura Moe (yes her Goddamn name is “Moe”, I groaned in misery as well) has the impossible figure and the magical, gravity-defying, panty-showing skirt that only an anime character can have. She also carries her passport around everywhere to specifically show everyone her true age and therefore make all the creepy stalkers out there feel bad about trying to hit on an elementary school student. Or, in the case of the protagonist, to ruin his reputation with the girl he likes – you see, she arrived at his doorstep just when Moe (ARGHHH) was running around his house wearing nothing but a bath towel. Typical annoying harem antics ensue and yes I know I just outlined this above but I have nothing else to say.

That is literally the entire point of this manga. There is almost nothing else to say. At this point you are probably either thinking “Wow Iro, this sounds really terrible! Thank you for warning me!” or “This sounds like the greatest thing ever made!” In the case of the latter, I imagine nothing I can say at this point can change your mind, but just in case…

One chapter involves the protagonist going on a date with both the girl he likes and his creepy sexualized-child neighbor to the same place on the same day. So he spends the entire time running around trying to date both of them, until they all end up meeting and everything falls apart. If this sounds stupid and cliche, that’s because it is. Except unlike other examples of the “date everyone at once” scheme, it wasn’t even remotely funny or enjoyable. Every time I clicked to go to the next page, the sinking pit of dread in my stomach grew yet larger.

Verdict: Cleanse With Holy Flame

No joke: this is among the worst pieces of all media I have ever seen. The fanservice is blatant and frankly terrible, the girls are complete caricatures of typical stereotypes, and all-in-all this manga has no redeeming value. Avoid at all costs.

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