Dragon Ball Z Episode 261


Recap: Super Saiyajin 3 Gotenks and Boo fight it out, before Gotenks gets the upper hand and decides to practice his volleyball skills.

Zigg’s Thoughts: This episode is really really good when the focus is on Gotenks and Piccoro battling Boo, and really lame when it’s doing anything else. Son Goku and Son Gohan have been on the Kai planet doing nothing for so long now it’s become frustrating and boring. Same thing goes for Mr Satan and his dog – they’re just wandering around with seemingly no sense of purpose. I trust Toriyama-sensei has a greater goal in mind but if this were a lesser show it’d almost feel like they’re padding for time.


Fortunately, the bits where Boo and Super Saiyajin 3 Gotenks are battling it out redeem the entire episode. The show has been going on for so long now that you’d think that I’d grow tired of all the battles but they always find ways to make them cool and interesting and awesome. I really liked the bit where Gotenks cut Boo in half and then blew up both halves – how cool is that! They’ve done such a good job of Boo being this unstoppable monster that I’m genuinely lost as to how he’s going to be defeated. I think they’re going to have to trick or trap him in some way rather than just overwhelming him with pure power.


It was also really funny to see Piccoro totally out of his mind at the destruction of his beloved lookout. I really think he’s made the transition to be a comedic character seamlessly and he and Gotenks make for a great pair. I’d say this was a better than average episode of Dragon Ball Z and as long as they keep up the fighting and have less of the boring bits I’ll continue to be really into it!



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