Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Episode 11

Recap: Yuuki learns the truth about the dealings with the Public Safety Commission, and then apparently exhibits brain injury symptoms from his accidents and forgets that Chisato is a crazy bitch. Yeah, I’m kinda bitter about this episode, what of it?

I have not been this angry in a while. I have never felt so utterly betrayed by how a show treats its characters and reveals its plot. Let’s start out with our political intrigue at the beginning. It was actually really interesting, and showed how corruption  and backdoor dealing can affect power structures really easily. It’s really hard to feel sympathy for the Moori-Nana-Morisita dynamic because we barely learn anything about it. It’s simply thrown out there in the last few episodes, and brought to a head in this one.

It’s too bad what comes to a head is an utterly stupid moment that uses the stupidest “IF ONLY I BELIEVE” kinda cliches you can think of. I still can’t get over this. Morishita brings Nana back by playing a harmonica. Take that modern medicine! All that science and research into helping coma patients, turns out all they need is a spirited harmonica ditty. Unfortunately, the problems don’t end there. Next we find out about Mifuyu’s big traumatic secret. Oh no! She has a small thin scar in a very nondescript part of her body! She’s hideous! I’m not even kidding you here, that’s her entire beef, and they spend a good chunk of this episode acting like its supposed to be a big fucking deal.

This all pales, and pales is honestly a major understatement, to the real betrayal of this episode. Now I know I personally had a stake in the YuukixSatsuki route, but this isn’t about that. This is about characters acting completely differently than they did the episode previously. Yuuki was completely logical in his rejection of Chisato. She had gone completely crazy after the accident, and proved that she was basically using him as a surrogate this entire time. Why does Yuuki love her? At what point in this annoying crazy bitch’s life has she been either endearing or even slightly likeable?

The wedding scene is what pissed me off the most. It was almost like the writers were just trying to shove down our throats “YEAH, THEY REALLY LOVE EACH OTHER. THIS ISN’T COMPLETELY CONTRIVED AT ALL.” It’s obviously just there to set up this finale, where Yuuki will probably get blackmailed by the other crazy bitch in order to throw the race, and then has to find a way to both save Chisato “because he loves her” and win the election. Whatever happens, this show is completely tainted, and cannot redeem itself in any way. Sure, if after saving Chisato Yuuki remembers “Oh yeah, there was totally that not crazy girl who I had chemistry with and was totally DTF, probably should go with her.” I’d be happy, but it wouldn’t make what happened last episode any less inane and insulting.

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