Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Episode 7

Recap: The gang take a quick break from election action as the primaries are finally over. As everyone starts to relax, the story’s harem roots take back control as Yuuki gets to have inappropriate moments with three of the girls.

It appears this is an all-character focused episode, but thankfully not without a small respite of political intrigue at the beginning. The wise President schools our gang on the importance of swing votes, and how their third-place situation is not as desperate as one might think due to his base and his running platform. The big thing I’m wondering about after looking at that vote tally is pluralities. The biggest winner in the primary elections did not even win half of the vote. Does that mean pluralities can win in this election model, or is that setting it up for further drama down the road?

Back to the human drama, we finally find out the tragic reason as to why Chisato hates chocolate so much. I would have appreciated this moment of realization a bit more if they didn’t violently and abruptly show us what happens the second after a light hearted harem antic scene with Aomi. I’ve talked about the emotional whiplash but this was more like an emotional concussion. The scene is so brutal I couldn’t possibly have seen it coming. I once asked for context to the list of ever-piling dramatic secrets, well I guess be careful what you wish for.

It seems like now is every girl’s chance to line up and confess their feelings. That bath scene was incredibly strange in all honesty. Does he reject her because he doesn’t love her, or he doesn’t like this underhanded way she went about pressing him?

We also have some sibling quarrel issues once again. This time it decides to leave more questions than answers as the sisters fight once again. I don’t quite get this teacher. I can assume some kind of trauma (as with every girl in this show for some reason) but she deals with it so inappropriately that it really stretches the bounds of believability. Yuuki’s devotion to her is also very strange, a fact brought up by the younger sister but never quite answered properly. Does he pity her? That’s hardly a great reason to baby her.

Speaking of the election rival, more character development for her as well. I can’t begrudge this show too much for falling on old cliches, it is an eroge adaptation after all, but the whole “extenuating circumstances need you in my room” thing was a little lame.  The preview pictures seem to at least tease something about her demands being as perverted as the last scene would like you to think. However, looking at this show’s penchant for keeping the harem at status quo, I doubt we’ll see much actually coming out of next episode.

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