Psycho-Pass: Episode 2

Simulcast on FUNimation

Recap: Akane struggles over whether her decision to enter the law enforcement field was the correct one.

Iro’s Thoughts:
We get another fairly slow episode this week – while the first episode laid the main foundation for the setting and the world, this one lays the foundation for our main characters. Not that there isn’t worldbuilding, of course. We get to see how automated and sterile everything is: clothes just shift into existence with the press of a button, and meals are pooped out of a machine in the proper portions for a healthy diet. People note that their lives are basically on rails thanks to the whole Sibyl System.

This leads to the main oddity so far: Akane doesn’t seem to be affected by the system at all. Despite the stress she’s clearly under, her Psycho Pass is still powder blue, the “cleanest” rank, and her career aptitude was rated with straight A’s across the board. While most people literally have their careers and lives planned out for them by the system, Akane could have chosen anything and succeeded, but decided to work at the Public Safety Bureau anyway. Apparently, this type of stress over what someone wants to do with their life is unheard of in this setting, even though several characters show clear dissatisfaction with their lives. Kogami in particular tells Akane that he’s tired of just being a dog who shoots when told to, but it’s unclear how truthful he’s being.

At any rate, it seems to be building up to a “she’ll change the system with her new idealistic viewpoint!” story, but I doubt things will be that simple.

2 thoughts on “Psycho-Pass: Episode 2

  1. I actually don’t think that she’ll change the system, considering Urobochi’s distaste for repeating narratives. Honestly I think she’ll be the one crushed underneath the system eventually, either that or become a plot device for the male to change the world.

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