Psycho-Pass: Episode 11


Recap: Kogami has a gunfight with Senguji as the rest of the Bureau arrives to provide backup.

Iro’s Thoughts:
Picking up from last week’s cliffhanger, Kogami is being pursued in the sewers by crazy robo hunter man, and the other Inspectors/Enforcers are running through the sewers to try and save his ass. The automated gun cart bot manages to find him first and drops off a Dominator. He proceeds to shoot up the robodogs, and land a shot on Senguji’s arm. Not that it stops him, since he’s fully cybernetic – in fact, it fires him up even further. Aiming to rekindle the excitement he had while hunting during youth, Senguji manages to shoot Kogami, and tracks our hero via the trail of blood. Kogami lands a fatal shot by Metal Gearing it up in an old metal barrel, and passes out just after seeing Makishima restrain Yuki again and drag her off.

By now, Akane actually has an opportunity to take action – as the others are administering medical care to Kogami, she pursues Makshima, who has set up the situation to force her into a desperate decision. For some reason, Makishima’s Psycho Pass is that of a model citizen, making him unable to be targeted by the Dominators. Holding her friend at knifepoint, he offers Akane a choice, spouting rhetoric about good, evil, and free will all the while: trust in the system and let him continue, or pick up the shotgun and end his life under her own will.

Akane can’t bring herself to really do either, and Makishima’s Psycho Pass hits 0 as he slits Yuki’s throat.


If there was any episode that confirmed Psycho-Pass is somewhat… well, self-indulgent, I suppose, it was this one. The trend lately with this show has been to introduce a crazy new villain working for Makishima every couple of episodes, have them spout their own weird philosophies on life (which often involve lots of bloody murder and anarchy), and then have them get riddled with lead (or the Dominator’s pewpew lazors). It’s a fairly straightforward police procedural, to be sure, but it’s also one littered with arguably unnecessary lectures. It makes writing about the show hard, at the very least – I don’t usually have much to say other than just straight up recapping the episode as I have above.

I’m not going to say the philosophical bits in Psycho-Pass are unimportant, because they clearly are relevant to what’s going on – it’s just that I don’t find them interesting in the slightest. Crude and uncultured as I may sound, I’d much rather just watch the police procedural parts, where they’re trying to track down the criminals and cope with the Sibyl System’s limitations. As such, I’m probably not covering this show over the Winter 2013 season – however, depending on how things turn out, I may still do a Final Impressions post. Keep your eyes peeled, I guess.


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