Psycho-Pass: Episode 5

Recap: The Public Safety Bureau tracks down the Internet murderer, and Akane learns more about her colleagues.

Iro’s Thoughts:
The Internet killer bit is finished up with this episode, in a fairly predictable manner – that is, they shoot the guy and he explodes into gore. And they do while spouting philosophy quotes throughout the entire episode, in typical Urobuchi fashion. Of course, that isn’t the main point of interest this time. At the end of the episode, we learn more about Kogami, with Inspector Ginoza dropping the bomb that Kogami himself used to be an Inspector. I had been wondering for a while yet why Ginoza seemingly had more tolerance for Kogami than any of the other Enforcers, and this neatly ties up that question. As for learning what exactly is up with our white-haired-pretty-boy villain, it seems we’re still a while off from that yet, being not even halfway through the season.

Gee’s Thoughts: With this episode, we conclude the story that began last time. A hacker aided by unknown benefactors has been murdering famous  internet individuals and masquerading as them unnoticed by the populace. We learn a bit more about the Enforcers, including cool old guy’s apparent hobby of philosophy as well as Kogami’s natural instincts as a detective. I suppose it’s a little odd that Kogami constantly flip flops between “cool-headed investigator” and “enthusiastic criminal hunter.”

Overall, a pretty interesting episode. While not the most original thing in the world, its execution of the basic “Police tracking down the crafty hacker” subplot was done in a manner befitting the Psycho Pass world in my opinion. Ironically enough, I’ve yet to run into anything in this anime that truly shouts that it was something done by Urobochi Gen. While it’s distinctly more violent than say, Madoka, the atmosphere is nowhere near as oppressive or malevolent. With Madoka, every episode filled me with dread and anxiety, conversely, Psyscho Pass intrigues me, but it doesn’t threaten me. I suppose a true crime thriller police procedural should have me on the edge of my seat with every episode, but so far, I’m enjoying the ride.

In the end, the criminal is caught, his benefactors still mysteriously being mysterious in the background, and we find out a little more about Kogami and Ginoza’s past. It does seem odd that as police, they would resort to murdering the criminal before taking him in for interrogation, but I guess that’s just how things roll in the future.

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