My Little Monster Episode 7

Recap: Haru seems to finally have a grip on his feelings, only to have Shizuku drift away from him in favor of her studies. Being the socially deficient guy he is, he starts creeping on her, driving them further apart. However, after another chat on the long staircase home, a little blood rushes to her cheeks once again.

Oh Haru, poor guy really needs someone to slap him straight about interpersonal relationships. Down in the dumps, Haru is already near defeated coming back from the disastrous first date. With help from Oshima and Natsume his spirits start to rise. Realizing he never even got to confess, he goes to do just that. Unfortunately, Haru then starts to build up his own expectations too greatly. Even though Shizuku flat out rejects his advances, with the thoughts of going out with Shizuku in his head, he starts to just plain creep out Shizuku.

And by creep her out, I mean reeeeeeeealy creep her out. Like lick her hand. Man, who even does that to someone that does reciprocate their feelings? Unfortunately, Haru’s inability to interact properly in social situations shines once again as a montage of inappropriateness from his end just serves to give Shizuku all the reasons in the world to keep her stance on him. Thankfully, Natsume comes around again to give some advice that, honestly, is common sense.

Not to say this episode only focuses on Haru’s problems courting the lovely ice queen. It seems Shizuku still is struggling to understand what it means to be friends with people, like why they would want to go out of their way just to hang out, or come together even if the task doesn’t require them all to be there. She realizes this is a personal shortcoming, but she still refuses to see it as something more important to focus on that her studies.

Once again, the climax of the episode just hits me in all the right places. Haru’s determination, even after Shizuku’s denial, harkens back to episode 4, when their positions were reversed. I was kinda weirded out by how much tongue was flashin’ in that kiss Haru was going to land on Shizuku, but thankfully we have Haru actually learning a lesson for once, checking his emotions before they cause unnecessary problems. Shizuku’s blush was absolutely adorable, and definitely the highlight of the entire scene, giving us hope that things can get better. With Haru having straightened out his feelings, the only job left to do is to make Shizuku realize how important friends should be. Shizuku is set on succeeding, but lonely is the path for someone who only achieves for themselves without the love and support that comes of having those that care about them.

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