First Look: Fruits Basket

Tohru Honda is a hard-working girl with a tragic past. After her already tenuous living situation becomes upended, she starts living in a tent in the woods. She happens to set up camp in the land of the Soma family, including her classmate Yuki. After finding out about their situation, they decide to take her into their home, and Tohru quickly finds out Soma family has a bizarre secret.

First Look: Orange

High school student Naho receives a letter that claims to have been written by her future self. Though skeptical at first, Naho is surprised when the letter correctly predicts that a new transfer student is joining her class that day. Worried by the letter’s ominous vision of her future, she decides to follow its instructions in order to prevent its future of origin from ever happening.

First Look: Good Morning Call

Nao Yoshikawa is moving into an apartment and is excited to have picked up an absolute bargain close to the school. It’s short lived, however, as while she begins to unpack her things, an unlikely guy from her school shows up. It turns out Hisashi Uehara, one of the school’s most beloved boys, is also due to move in to the same apartment.

First Look: MY love STORY!!

Gouda has grown up all his life falling in love, but the girls only ever have eyes for his friend Sunakawa. After graduating middle school, Gouda stops a molester on the train. He quickly falls in love with the girl he saved, but he believes that history will repeat itself once again.

My Little Monster Volume 7

Shizuku and Haru start spending more time with each other, but things are still a little awkward after Shizuku’s birthday. After spending some time apart, spring begins and that means a shakeup in the school order! Placed away from the main group, Haru has to adapt to his new environment, and an awkward scenario with Oshima.

My Little Monster Volume 6

After the ski party, Sasayan and Natsume start to fight. Lack of maturity on both sides prevents the two from patching things up. Later, it turns out that Shizuku’s birthday is Valentine’s Day. This gives a pretty adorable excuse for all the girls to get together and make chocolate, while also letting Haru do something for Shizuku.

My Little Monster Volume 5

Finally sick of waiting for a second season, Marlin has decided to catch up on the manga as it’s being released in America. Starting with where the anime ends, Volume 5 picks up on the drama caused by Natsume’s confession, as well as more insight into Haru’s checkered past. Keep an eye out for volumes 6 and 7 later this month!

Your Lie In April Episode 9

Recap We get even more backstory about Emi, as well as a weird techno remix of a perfectly fine Chopin piece. Later, Kousei finally takes the stage, and the battle with his demons begins.

First Look: Wolf Girl and Black Prince

Erika is a starting freshman. She’s a pathological liar with a very vain concept of how friendship works. In order to get in good with some gaaru girls that are her neighbors, she pretends to have a boyfriend. After being pressed, she decides to take the picture of some rando named Kyoya to pretend he’s the genuine article. There’s only one problem: He goes to her school. In order for him to keep up airs, he wants to make her life an embarrassing mess.

Blue Spring Ride Episode 12 and Final Thoughts

Kou finally starts to try and reconcile his self loathing after talking with Futaba. After finally sitting down with his family, he has a heart to heart with his brother and father. Back at school, midterms are almost upon the crew, and Kou actually wants to study. As summer begins, plot threads old and new get thrown back into the mix.

Blue Spring Ride Episode 11

Kou recalls the heartbreaking story of how he lost his mother, and how he blamed himself for not spending enough time with her before it was too late. Knowing his hardships, Futaba goes out to find him to help bring him up from his despair and self loathing.

Blue Spring Ride Episode 8

  Recap I’m glad this conflict wasn’t just put to rest immediately. Sure, having their feelings out in the air means they’ll at least understand each other better, but the problems will not end here. If that wasn’t obvious enough, Yuuri going to cry in the bathroom should be a pretty good indicator of how…

Blue Spring Ride Episode 4 and 5

A late arrival by our main pair puts the group on edge. Their varying personalities start to make them even more at odds with each other. Later, Futaba tries to get everyone to work together to help strengthen their solidarity, but once again their stubbornness gets the best of them.

Blue Spring Ride Episode 2

After thinking on Kou’s parting words, Futaba starts to reanalyze her current relationships. Sympathizing with the class outcast, she loses her old friends, but may start to gain stronger friendships for it.

First Look: Blue Spring Ride

Alternative titles: Aoharaido, Ao Haru Ride Manga Adaptation – Production I.G. Streaming on Crunchyroll Premise In middle school, Futaba Yoshioka was asked out on a date by her crush Kou Tanaka, but after overhearing an outburst by her, she gets stood up. Shortly after, Kou leaves due to family problems and the two lose contact.…