Random Manga Theatre 20: Bonten no Morito

Hit the “Random” button and see what comes up! In this feature, we take a look at whatever manga the Random Number God decides to throw at us and find out if it’s worth your time.

This time: Bonten no Morito by Satou Atsuki

Demons exist in this world, but they are hidden from the public eye – for good reason, for since ancient times demons and humans have never gotten along very well with each other. The modern age, there is an unspoken agreement that the demons are allowed to hang out in their little section of Japan, sealed off from the outside world, watched over by the Soyogi family. Akira is the youngest member of the family, but he was also the only child born with the power to sense the demons at all. Thus, whether of his own will or not, he has to be the next demon defender.

Things get slightly more complicated when some odd people show up with advanced technology that allows them to seal demons into cards and use their mystical powers for themselves. Though he’s unsure of his role in all of this, Akira has to fight off the villains and protect his childhood friend Matsuri from danger, whether it be from humans or from the demon’s he’s supposed to be protecting. But Matsuri herself is not all that she seems, and Akira’s grandfather has secrets of his own.

And then it ends. What, you were expecting a halfway decent shonen manga? Nope, all you get here is the setup for one, and it’s not even a good setup. The plot development is bleh and the characters are flat – we’re supposed to buy the supposed romance between Akira and Matsuri, but they hardly ever talk throughout the manga’s short run, making it both cliche and out of left field. I can’t be sure of the reasons (oh wait, I can be sure: IT’S BORING), but it seems that Bonten no Morito got axed after a mere three chapters. The main characters are introduced, they fight the bad guys, and then there’s an “And the adventure continues!” ending. That’s it.

Verdict: Boooooooooring
Seriously, don’t even waste your time with this one. It’s super short and mostly inoffensive in comparison to some other stuff we’ve been through on this feature, but that means it’s not even worth reading for the trainwreck factor. This is just mediocre, formula shonen that deserves none of your time.

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