All Your Monies: November 26th

Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aquagaze) will run down the last week’s new preorders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week, lots of girls and tentacles too!

Alvis E. Hamilton (Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing)
Kaitendo, February 2013, 7,200 JPY (Reissue…sort of)

Dragonzigg: This thing has a weird history. it was initially issued as this, complete with show innaccurate blonde hair and super creepy smile. For this reissue, Kaitendo wisely decided something needed to be done and worked over the face and hair to arrive at what we’ve got now. And I have to say it was effort well worth it, because I think this revision is now super adorable. I love her bright, happy face, the pose full of movement and the very unique costume. Great rescue job.

Aqua: Whoa, how come I never watched this anime? The soft design aesthetic on Alvis looks positively stunning. I’m glad to see beautiful figures ruined by small mistakes getting a second chance. Not only is she absolutely adorable, her wonderfully designed costume shines and the mirror pedestal is a nice bonus. By the way, wouldn’t that make it really easy to peek under her skirt?

Jel: Never been much of a Last Exile fan but this is a cute figure. Nice work on the hair and the outfit is pretty classy, although as Aqua points out the mirror stand is kind of odd for a figure with a skirt.

Lifesong: Never been so hot on this series or the designs, but at least this version is true to the original.

Timmy: Can’t say I have watched Last Exile but I do know a little about Alvis here. She looks pretty good and Kaitendo did a nice job listening to their fans and making her look alot better. Heres the thing though. This should have happened BEFORE Alvis 1.0 was released. If this was Alter, Koto, or anyone else who takes fan feedback very seriously this would have been the first release. If I had bought the first one despite her goofie smile and hair, I would be super pissed right now.

Asuka Langley Shikinami Test Suit ver. (Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance​)
Amie-Grand, January 2013, 13000JPY

Dragonzigg: It’s a very interesting design that really stands out, and I’m loving some of the small detail here, like the metal effect panelled base, the leaking pool of LCL and the (slightly less creepy than it was in the series) doll.  The pooling hair and demure pose help it seem relaxed rather than racy. But she’s still wearing a sheer bodysuit that’s transparent from butt to breasts, and I’ve never understood why anything ever needs to be done coldcast, considering how far it drives the price up. I’d be tempted in PVC, but at that money it’s simply not worth it. 

Aqua: Asuka’s design still stands tall like a monolith, and this is a very interesting incarnation of her, although there is one big problem. Where the hell do you put this? You can’t exactly put it next to your other figures. Should you hang it up a wall? Besides, what’s the point in coldcast anyways? It looks sloppier than a regular static, and is way more expensive.

Jel: Interesting attempt to mix up the myriad of Asuka figures out there, I particularly love the creepy LCL in the corner of the base. I agree the coldcast puts the price way out of reach though, and personally I refuse to acknowledge Asuka as anything other than the pilot of EVA Unit 02.

Lifesong: Kind of cool to look at on the web, but lets think about this a moment.. how would you display this figure? Having a figure lying down and looking up is pretty impractical in practice.

Timmy:  Very interesting. Aside from the whole “why are you lying on the floor and what is that red goop near you” deal this Asuka actually looks really nice. Coldcast kills the interest I have but I could easily see someone hang this on their wall.

Yui Takamura (Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse)
Kotobukiya, April 2013, 7020JPY

Dragonzigg: The main draw, to me at least, is that crazy plugsuit. The geometric shapes and weird boots give it an unusual edge straight away, but what really draws the eye is that fantastic colour scheme, very distinctive and individual.  This also looks to be one of Kotobukiya’s better sculpts, with a cool base, nice looking hair and a slightly unconventional pose. Having said that, BOOBS and Jel’s general distaste for the show kills any interest I might have.

Aqua: Sorry, what exactly is the point of those two ginormous beach balls on her chest? Are they part of her armour? Do they control the mecha… Is she an alien with three brains or something…? Nice katana, by the way.

Jel: The main reason I’m so disappointed with Total Eclipse is it does have some good elements going to waste, one of them being the character designs. Koto did a great job capturing Yui, and I particularly love the bit of rubble for the base. Complain about the T&A if you like, but her Imperial Officer plugsuit makes this a very unique figure that could not be mistaken for anything else. If this was a little less expensive and the series wasn’t so disappointing I might give this some consideration, but I’ll have to pass.

Lifesong: Sexy skintight suit with a uniquely detailed design. I would be all over this if I hadn’t watched the anime.

Timmy: She looks great even with that crazy boobage. Koto has done a hell of a job. Its really too bad nobody here is willing to touch this with a ten foot pole because of its orgins.

Capsule Q Fraulein – Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (A Certain Scientific Railgun)
Kaiyodo, March 2013, 7200JPY (for a 24 box pack)

Dragonzigg: Real odd mix here. Mikoto and Uiharu look great, Saten is ok but has a bit of a derp face going on and some off body proportions. Kuroko is a fantastic idea sabotaged by the fact these are trading capsule figures and not the full scale Alter or GSC sculpted figure that you’d need to pull of such an elaborate effect. As it is, she looks like he hair is made of snakes or strings of sausages. I should also mention there’s a Gekota strap toy in these boxes as well. The other weird thing here is the pricing structure. You have to buy these in boxes of 24 at a high price, so unless you have fellow collectors to split with this is a pretty tough sell.

Aqua: Who the heck though this was a good idea? Everyone can see that these figures look quite great for a set of cheap figures, so they’d make a great buy for poor Railgun fans. Saten looks a bit derpy, but that might just be the picture, and overall, these vivid sculpts perfectly encapsulate the sheer fun of the show. So who the heck thought it was a good idea to only sell them in expensive boxes of 24?

Jel: I don’t understand why no one has made a really good Mikoto (and no, I’m not counting GSC’s boring version), so when I see something like this it just further my disappointment. Granted Mikoto does look pretty good for what these are, but the rest of the cast is a bit lacking. Add on the odd pricing structure as mentioned, and this just doesn’t work.

Timmy: Aside from the fact Kuroko’s hair appears to have taken on a life of its own these four don’t look too bad. I don’t need 6 of each though.

Nendoroid Akiho Senomiya (Robotics;Notes)
Good Smile Company, March 2013, 2640JPY

Dragonzigg: Look GSC, we need to talk, You’ve got a problem, a high school girls in sailor uniforms problem. Oh sure, I’m sure the fans eat them up and it’s all so easy, but at the end of the day you’re just hurting yourself. Don’t smoke Nendoroids kids.

In all seriousuness, I don’t have much to say here. GSC are promising a cool looking AR feature to dress her up in alternate costumes, just like in the show, which is an awesome idea. Until we see it in action though, I’ll stay sceptical.

Aqua: The only good thing about this show. I’m talking about the robot.

Jel: Akiho is currently skinned across the blog so she must be important, right? Seriously though, as much as I like her she does make for a pretty boring figure, just barely saved by the inclusion of Robo-1. If you’re a fan of the show you’ll appreciate that as well as the glasses bit, and I guess the AR thing is an interesting gimmick. So she’s at least worth your consideration.

Lifesong: School girl figures are boring, and being a nendroid does not help that. I do like the robot quite a bit though. I wish they had just created the figure out of her VR version instead of making an app for it.

Timmy: Yay, can’t get enough of my schoolgirl nendos. In fact I want every nendo from now on to be in a school girl outfit. Seriously though the AR app looks neat but I would almost rather have a separate maid body. Unless the app works on other nendos too. Hmmm…

Nendoroid Dead Master (Black Rock Shooter TV)
Good Smile Company, April 2013, 3400JPY

Dragonzigg: All comments I might have are rendered invalid by the fact she’s wearing clingfilm on her head. Epic swing and a miss.

Aqua: She’s wearing a wedding veil because she and Black Rock Shooter are lesbians. Get it? Ha ha. I have to admit that this is a fabulous nendo, though. She comes with a badass throne and a scythe, and her smiling face is absolutely adorable. The veil is a hit-or-miss, but overall, this is about as good as nendos get.

Jel: Of all the design changes for the BRS TV anime, Dead Master may be the only downgrade. I might even consider the glasses more unnecessary than the veil to be honest. The nendo does do a great job accurately recreating her though, and that throne is fantastic. Worth considering if you somehow don’t have BRS figure fatigue yet.

Timmy:  Throne, scythe, and almost everything else looks great. The veil is questionable but the way the holes are cut for the horns I am going to take a big fat guess and say it is optional. Still avoiding the line like the plague but this Dead Master is quite nice none the less.

Kaima Plushie (Fate/Zero)
Cospa, April 2013, 1890JPY

Dragonzigg: Let the memories of Caster’s terrifying abominations against nature snuggle you to sleep at night!

Aqua: Adorable, and ironic. Though I thought Fate/Zero fans are mature grown men who enjoy endless conversations on the nature of good and evil while walking around in circles, not plushies. Apparently, I was wrong. All the better.

Jel: I don’t want that thing in my house.

Lifesong: What a cute little man eating monster.

Timmy: I should probably finish this show shouldn’t I?

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