Robotics;Notes Episode 8


Recap: Given the chance of a lifetime, Akiho turns down JAXA support to stay true to the GUNBUILD-1 project. Meanwhile, our protagonist starts actually being altruistic, helping out Aika while trying to find more files on the coverup. Unfortunately, this only makes his actions towards others seem even more dickish in comparison.

Gee’s Thoughts: So to my delight (though perhaps not so much to some others), last episode’s cliffhanger did not in fact lead to some absurd conspiracy subplot. Instead, JAXA offers Akiho’s group help with building a giant robot, which she ends up rejecting. At first I was skeptical, but a hot blooded guy like me can’t help but respect the girl’s passion to stick to what she believes in. I suppose working with JAXA would’ve gotten rid of any sense of risk in their endeavors so perhaps it’s for the best.


In addition, as a guy who didn’t watch Steins;Gate, this is my first introduction to Nae, and I must say, it’s quite nice to finally meet another passionate individual in this anime filled to the brim with cynics and apathetic jackasses (more on that later). Overall, it seems Robotics;Notes is doing a pretty good job of balancing between its “we’re gonna build a giant robot!” side and its “we’re gonna expose the evils of NASA!” side. Still not enough Frau though.


Sidenote: I’m still really not digging the whole “let’s portray one of the few honest and good American scientific organizations as evil” thing. Not enough to make me stop watching, but it’s a little annoying since I fucking love space.


And of course, what would a Robotics;Notes recap be without mention of our friend Kai? Oh Kai, the show is clearly trying to show that you’re developing as a human being, but everything you do counteracts it. While Kai does show some admirable qualities this episode through his efforts to uncover the underlying conspiracy as well as helping Airi, it really exposes how much of a jerk he is to his own friends. Time and time again he ignores or snubs them. I mean, even Subaru is a more enthusiastic member at this point. I don’t know, I hope this episode is a sign of improvement, but until then, Kai continues to be the worst part of Robotics;Notes. Hopefully his gratitude to Akiho for coming to his rescue will actually  lead to some character development, but I won’t get my hopes up.

4 thoughts on “Robotics;Notes Episode 8

    • That was my greatest fear about watching R;N, but according to most, I’m not missing too much from R;N’s story from not watching S;G. I may watch S;G some other time once I’m done with R;N.

  1. Thanks for pickin’ up for me, Gee. Glad to know we were on the same wavelength about Kai this episode. I can’t understand this protagonist whatsoever.

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