Robotics;Notes Episode 9


Recap: With the project complete, Akiho’s dream is finally becoming reality. Unfortunately, reality seems to not feel so kindly towards her.

Gee’s Thoughts: While a little sudden, this week we finally witness the completion of the GunPro 1. What a joyous occasion! The reason this anime exists is completed, everybody go home, we’re done here. But of course, that would be too easy. Despite the fanfare, it turns out that Robotics;Notes is quite aware of the square-cube law, and the GunPro 1 fails to do much moving due to its immense weight. Heartbroken by this occurrence  it seems Akiho has finally run into an obstacle that she may not be able to overcome through sheer willpower and enthusiasm.

This episode, while tragic, was a good one to finally introduce some drama to the robot-building side of this show. While it’s something I only thought about in the background it was quite clear that if Robotics;Notes was going to go for the realistic approach, it would have to address the sheer impossibility of building a mobile giant robot with the current resources available. Still, I know Akiho’s not going to be the kind of girl to be brought down by just one setback and within the next episode she’ll be back on her feet.


In addition, we learn a bit more about Akiho’s motivations for her enthusiasm, which include completing her sister’s dream, whom had drafted and worked on the original GunPro 1. However, by the current point in the series, she’s become cold, to the point of belittling her own younger sister. I’m seriously confused at this point. How can Akiho be such a magnet for terrible behavior? With Subaru, Kai, and now her own damn sister, it seems like the world conspires against the poor girl.

Though I must point out, Kai himself actually hasn’t been that bad this episode. While still a fair bit more aloof and cold than he needs to be, I feel like he’s definitely reined in the jerkness level this episode. Will it carry over to episode 10? I certainly hope so.


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