Haganai NEXT Episode 2


Recap: Rika catches Kodaka’s attention by taking off her glasses and letting her hair down, only to lose it again by introducing the club to some BL anime. Later on Kodaka encounters Maria’s older sister Kate, although it seems she’s not quite as old as she looks.

For once this actually funnier in context

Jel’s Thoughts: This episode was broken up into three parts, the first half being the actual good comedy bit, the second half split between the begrudging introduction of Sister Kate and pure filler with our main trio. Can you guess which parts I liked and which I didn’t?

I guess Yozora and Rika are pals this season?

As is always the case Rika steals the show in the first half, perhaps this time even more so than usual. I thought for sure her movie was going to the most unspeakably debased thing possible, but the fact that it turned out to be relatively tame was probably even funnier. Funnier still was Sena’s reading, which was hilariously censored by the commercial break. I guess she’s wearing the Top Pervert mantle this season, and Rika and Yozora’s reactions had me laughing pretty hard.

Definitely not Kobato, nope!

Unfortunately it’s all downhill from there as I didn’t care for Sister Kate. I guess I never really cared much about Maria either, she plays her part but I really have no desire to add an older version of her to the cast. The fact that Kate’s only 15 is supposed to be funny but it’s clearly just a way to let us know she’s joining the harem. And do we really need anymore harem members at this point?

I am obligated to include one (1) picture of Sister Kate

To top things off the episode ends on some incredibly dull filler that seemed like a missed opportunity. After all the childhood friend drama at the end of the first season I’m disappointed seeing that had zero impact on anything aside from Yozora’s haircut. Seemed like the end of this episode would have been a good time to have a heart to heart between Kodaka and Yozora, even if it ended up being brief, goofy and awkward. Needless to say I’ve severely lowered my expectations for Haganai to accomplish anything on the serious end, despite knowing they will keep trying. Maybe they can prove me wrong, but for now I’m counting on the humor to carry me the rest of the way.

On a quick side note, Haganai NEXT was unlicensed when we did our first impressions but as expected it’s been picked up for simulcast by Funimation. So go ahead and check it out over on their site.

2 thoughts on “Haganai NEXT Episode 2

  1. Yozora had her horizon expanded (friends can kiss, too??), Sena crossed a particular boundary. Kate is neat – she’s the antidote for Kodaka – crude or simply carefree, whereas Kodaka is the bumbling male lead that procrastinates needlessly. Part 3 is more character reveal in a similar pattern rather than just filler. Yozora tried to tease Kodaka using comparing answers as a front (if you are waiting for a heart to heart, too bad for these characters who are not honest to begin with, this is as close to ‘behaving naturally’ as it can get and would be so out of character it wouldn’t be funny.) Sena bumps in who Yozora cannot tease (because her grades are, much to Yozora’s chagrin, perfect), therefore resort to the normal tactics. The obvious reinforcement yet again is Sena won (as detected by Kodaka) but did not realise, which is like of a summary of her issues.

    • I appreciate what they are trying to do, but I feel like we’re kind of going in circles at this point. We already know those things about Yozora and Sena, you knew exactly how that last scene was going to go as soon as they started talking about grades.

      As far as Sister Kate goes I guess I can give her some more time, maybe she’ll shake things up a bit.

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