Blast of Tempest Episode 14


Recap: After waking up, Mahiro finds that Yoshino and Hakaze have gone off on their own. Yoshino’s influence on her worries Samon, to the point that he wants him dead. While rumors of a Mage of Exodus get spun around, the couple happen to find a young man with the powers of the chaotic tree.

It would appear, as far as shounen battle manga tropes go, we have hit a time skip in Tempest. Alliances have radically shifted, new characters are appearing out of nowhere, and the very fabric of the world has been forever changed. Since we just got into all these developments, there really isn’t much to say. It is interesting that the rebellious Mahiro is joining up with the straight-laced calculated forces of both Evangeline’s army connections and Samon’s Kusaribe Clan. While we get to hear them quite a bit their role in this episode is pretty much only that of narrator and commentator. All the real action lies with the guerrilla team, with the same group sans Mahiro, but Hakaze now in the flesh.


Its really telling how much different the conversational dynamic is between these characters now that they’re face to face. After being saved from time and distance Hakaze sees Yoshino as her savior, and instead of commanding him haughtily she now is letting him call the shots. This is Samon’s man issue, and the reason that he’s contracted Mahiro into his party. It’s kind of strange to think in this time of an oppressive god-tree ruling over the land that these characters would be entertaining romantic feelings, but I suppose they are teenagers. I still don’t get whats up with Yoshino still needing to act like he does have a girlfriend. Does he know something we don’t about Aika, or is it some romantic nonsense that makes him act like she’s still alive?

I enjoyed this episode, but if I had to have one complaint it would have to be the introduction of this new mage. He has literally no buildup, and yet he’s laid on us in this episode like we should have expected him all along. He also seems to be acting like he has a girlfriend when she’s really dead, if that first inner monologue of his is any indication. Still, knowing this story, it’s obviously no coincidence that he happened to run into Yoshino and Hakaze out of nowhere like this. With both trees having some kind of will, it’s hard to say really who’s the one pulling the strings in this case. The exhibition match between mages was pretty cool, and helped clearly explain the differences between these two powers. I also loved it because it just let Hakaze be an unmitigated badass, taking an amputation like it’s nothing just to test a guy’s will. While it’d be cool if Tempest let us speculate a bit about what’s going to happen with this guy, it suffers from antoher example of too much information in OPs. We clearly know that he’s going to end up with Mahiro because we see him with Mahiro before we’ve even met the guy, so secrets out on that front.


Now that the setting has been reestablished I’m excited to see where Tempest is going to take us with it. Obviously Hakaze is the weird person in the classical clothes in the OP, but who is the Power Ranger? Are they the true Mage of Chaos? If so, whats up with this random dude? While my patience was only hanging by a thread some episodes, especially after the disappointing half-recap that was last week, it’s encouraging to see the show come back strong.

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