Haganai NEXT Episode 10

Rika wins this round

Recap: After finding out Yozora plagiarized her movie script, the Club decides to go with a script written by Sena. While helping with the movie, Kodaka discovers just how hard Rika works for the good of the club.

Jel’s Thoughts: What’s this? Did someone spill some actual drama into my Haganai? I suppose that’s been the story of season 2, but I still didn’t expect to see such strong reactions out of Kodaka. We can no longer classify him as the typical oblivious harem protagonist as he’s very aware of the situation. It makes me wonder what hang ups he must have that are preventing him from getting close with everyone. My guesses would be either A. not wanting to upset the balance of what they have now or B. being afraid of making friends after what happened with Yozora in the past… you know, just like Yozora.

The girl can only take so much

The real star this week though is Rika, who once again is the only reason anything gets done in Haganai. It was a really smart move going behind the scenes and showing how much effort she puts into all the games and crazy inventions she’s been coming up with throughout the series. You never really question how she comes up with them, you just assume she’s a genius and it’s not important. So flipping the switch on the joke for dramatic effect was a nice touch. Add that to the fact she’s by far the most insightful character in the series and it’s easy to see why she’s a favorite with the Glorio Crew.

So dramatic

I’m afraid my expectations for Haganai are getting dangerously high, especially after this episode showed the writers are willing and capable to insert some proper drama into the show’s usual madness. While I still don’t expect much resolution by series end, I got to give them a lot of credit for suggesting Kodaka could have other reasons for his behavior besides being a totally blind fool. Even if it’s just for the reasons I mentioned earlier, I’d say that’s an improvement over your average run-of-the-mill harem show.

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