WWG & WWT March


Welcome to another edition of What We Got and What We Thought. It has been quite a while since the last one and we ended up having to change things up a bit to make it these posts a little easier on everyone but otherwise its the same loot post goodness you are all used to. Zigg picks up some great game related figures, Jel plays with his Nendoroids, I buy myself a little bit of both heaven and hell, and Life buys too many games again.  And If you ask nicely maybe we might even do some backlogging to bring you up to speed on the mountains of pretty things we have amassed in the meantime.

Zigg’s Loot


Alter’s 1/8th Momohime.

Widely acknowledged as the best figure of the past few years and it’s not hard to see why.

Timmy: Welcome to the club, Zigg. Momohime is what started this whole figure fiasco for me and to this day she is still one of my favorites.

Max Factory’s Figma Aigis THE ULTIMATE ver.

I missed out on the original figma Aigis so I’m jazzed I was able to pick this one up, especially with all the awesome weaponry she’s bundled with.

Jel – I also grabbed Aigis but I didn’t want to move her out of her precariously placed display for a photo. Posing her with all her guns can be a little tricky, but they stay in place well enough once everything is in place. I do have the first run Persona 3 Aigis figma and I may actually prefer the face and hair on the original. It’s hard to argue with the big guns and ‘dat tie’ though.

Jel’s Loot


Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid Youmu Konpaku.

Youmu looks great and comes with all her swords and what not, but I had quite a bit of trouble of posing her with her ghost half.

Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid Yuyuko Saigyouji.

Yuyuko is arguably my most elaborate nendoroid with her super detailed outfit and extra ghosts and butterflies. I wish the butterflies came in a few different colors like the game, but the fact that the ghosts are actually glow in the dark makes up for it.

Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid Alice Margatroid.

The stand out accessory with Alice is obviously her dolls, which were surprisingly easy to setup and pose. I would like to have seen more variety in her face options as the basically come down to “mouth open” or “mouth closed”, but again this is all about the dolls.

Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid Iron Man.

Easily one of the best nendoroids I own. As you can see in the picture above, the head swapping possibilities are endless. Also, who doesn’t want a moe Tony Stark head? If I had to pick one complaint it’s easy to get a little paint transfer when taking a head out of the helmet, since you basically have to scrape the ears in. It’s not too bad if you’re careful though. I wouldn’t mind having some hair for Tony either as he doesn’t come with anything but the helmet. Overall though, awesome pick up and I hope they do the rest of the Avengers now.

Timmy: Dammit Jel, stop tempting me!

Timmy’s Loot


Alter’s 1/8th Yagyu Gisen.

Another one for my Samurai Girls collection. Gisen has been a long time coming but she turned out lovely and was definitely worth the wait. Alter never ceases to amaze me. I could go on and on about the details, colors, how they nailed the patterns, and even the fact I don’t see a single flaw on her. Back when I ordered her Gisen felt like simply another figure to complete the set but now I am really glad I picked her up. That scissor blade also turned out as bad ass as I had hoped and the swap able faces is a really nice touch.

Amakuni’s 1/8th Leviathan.

Committing to a new line of figures is always an interesting experience  and while Levi wasn’t suppose to be the first Deadly Sins figure I was originally meant to see I am glad thinks turned out this way. She turned out gorgeous and I am thankful to see that Amakuni is more then up to the task. That expression of hers is by far my favorite part about this figure. She almost looks downright pissed off and it is a very fitting expression for the princess of envy. Everything else, from the paint to the sculpting seems, for the most part anyways, pretty solid and my biggest complaint probably would be the difficulty in casting on the shirt. The pegs just do not seem to want to reach without a lot of effort but I suppose a tight-fitting castoff able piece looks much better and much more natural when it is on then a loose fitting one. And yes, all the clothes come off but personally I think she looks better with them on.

Good Smile Company’s 1/8th Tenshi.

Tenshi was an interesting buy for me. I don’t usually pick up winged angels too often but since I was already grabbing two of her from the GSC shop I figured I would grab a third for myself, and boy am I glad I did. As someone who likes to take pictures of their figures I had soon found myself already thinking up shoots for her. While Tenshi not being as castoff able as she was originally promised fouls up some of those, (I had hoped to take her to the lake and have her in thigh deep water with her back to the camera) the fact her thumbs are positioned to grant her the ability to hold stuff makes up for it at least some what. I can envision many shots of her holding stuff, from flowers to, I dunno, maybe boys love novels. Tenshi is really quite pretty and I am certainly going to enjoy owning and taking pictures of her.

Hobby Japan’s Niθ ART WORKS Adesugata Giga.

Lots of pretty Nishii art covering much of his past and a good amount of it is NSFW, as you can see the classy cover is very much lying about the contents. A liberal amount of the art is Samurai Girl and Samurai Bride related with the rest being other prior works he has been associated with. I am really glad I decided to pick this up though as I love Niθ’s art and now I have a book gloriously full of it. Its worth mentioning that, if you live in the US at least, heavy yet small stuff like books is best shipped from someone like HLJ via Fedex since they go by size and not weight. You will thank me later.


Japanime Games’s Kanzume Goddess.

Finally, KS came in the mail and I must say I am pretty impressed. I ended up going all out getting both play mats, card sleves, and pins and I am glad I did. The art is all really pretty and a read of the rules makes the game seem pretty fun to play. Now I just need to find someone to play with.

Life’s Loot


Kotobukiya’s Kuroyukihime

Kuroyukihime has been one of my most anticipated figures since she first showed up at WonFes. I am glad I picked her up as she looks even better in person. I didn’t realize this when I first ordered her but the wings have a semitransparent effect going for them, just like the real thing! Now I can’t wait until I have Kotobukiya’s Asuna so I can set them up together. I kind of feel like I need a Kirito as well since this will makes three of the four in one display, hrmm…

Timmy: I don’t really know what it is about Kuroyukihime and her figures that temps me so but I had hoped getting her two figmas would be enough. Must resist…

Penguin Parade’s Gumis

I almost thought these were Good Smile petites, which is probably the highest praise I could give a set of minis. They are super cute and the game is pretty fun too.

Alter’s Yagyu Gisen

I couldn’t bring myself to buy the full set from Samurai Girls, so I settled for Jubei and Gisen. Like Timmy, I am in love with nishii’s artwork; at least when he is not drawing Lolis. Nishii + Alter is a thing that is hard to pass up and Gisen’s character design is one of my favorites from the set.

Good Smile Company’s Ultimate Madoka

I’ve been disappointed with Good Smile’s recent figures, but thankfully this Madoka looks pretty great. Sadly her more intricate bow was broken in the package when I received her. The bow would have have been too heavy to leave in Modaka’s hands anyway, but it’s always disheartening to open a figure and find a piece of it broken, even when that piece is something you won’t be using.

Max Factory’s Ultimate Madoka

I really only bought this one to complete the set. I have all the other Madoka figmas so why not? In end she does look great, but this thing is a royal pain to put together and display the way you want. She actually has a decent range of motion, but weight issues keep you from displaying her in many than a few ways. Her hair is also a serious pain to work with. Her left hair was poorly designed and doesn’t attach properly.

Other Stuff

I should really stop importing so many games. It takes twice as long for me to play most of them as a game in English would. Kanzume Goddess looks fun, hopefully I can get some games going this summer.

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