All Your Monies: May 6th


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aquagaze) will run down the last week’s new preorders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week it’s an ecectic mix of butterflies, electricity and bloody big guns.

Kuroyukihime (Accel World)
Good Smile Company, November, 7820JPY


Zigg: It’s beautifully crafted and painted, and the sheer scale of those wings make it pretty imposing, but it’s also a pretty bland rendition. The vacant face is a bad starting point and there’s no real point of interest in the pose, she’s… just sitting there. Technically excellent but just seems a little lazy.

Jel: Wait didn’t this come out already? It does look similar to Kotobukiya’s version sans piggy but this version seems to haver a nicer sculpt overall. There certainly wouldn’t be any need to own both so I guess Kuroyukihime fans just have to decide which one of those two things are more important.

Aquagaze: This whole thing just looks so inoffensive, so bland, which is remarkable, given how this is coming from Good Smile Company and the character design is so bombasic it could fill Wembley Stadium with a concert. Everything about this figure just seems to hint at a minimum amount of effort overall: a bland pose which completely drowns in all the inexpressively tacked-on details and a face that contains little more than a sigh. Sure, the sculpt is decent, but I’m sorry, Good Smile Company, for a product that needs to justify its hefty price tag on aesthetic merit alone, merely decent just is not good enough.

Mikoto Misaka (A Certain Scientific Railgun)
Griffon, June, 6220JPY


Zigg: That face is extremely adorable and the hair is an impressive effort, but it also doesn’t really look a great deal like Mikoto. The gentle smile is completely out of keeping with the dynamic action of the rest of the pose, and the figure suffers from terribly flat and featureless paint which makes it look overly simplistic, despite the fact there’s actually some decent sculpting here. Classic Griffon – interesting but just not good enough.

Jel: Why can’t we get just one really great Mikoto figure? This version looks OK I suppose but suffers from that dull, almost ceramic look that seems to plague lesser Griffon figures. On top of that her pose is a little awkward and that electric bolt looks like a complete afterthought. It’s not the worst one I’ve seen, but with the new season of Railgun in full swing I’m hoping we get something better. 

Aquagaze: Pardon me for my unforgivably juvenile remark, but I have to make it: This picture makes it look as if Mikoto is peeing lightning. Seriously, though, I quite like this one and no, i-it’s not just because I like Mikoto or anything…! A-Anyways, the pose is vivid and energetic, and Mikoto’s facial expression beams with that brand of optimistic confidence you would expect from her. Nevertheless, I must agree with Jel here: This craft looks a bit too perfect. I wonder if we’ll ever get a Mikoto figure that accentuates her awesomeness rather than her cute charm. Kuroko’s not the only potential customer, after all.

Kobato Hasegawa (I Have Few Friends)
Kotobukiya, October, 6450JPY


Zigg: Definitely an extremely distinctive pose, and I like it a lot, although I probably would have asked for a full chair with strong metal/ABS legs rather than the weird cutoff job we get here. I’m not a huge fan of Kobato’s character design but the hair is absolutely excellent and the ruffles well crafted. Very good.

Jel: Well this certainly is… different. I have no idea whether she’s falling forward in the chair or what’s happening but it is at least an interesting pose. Kobato herself looks very well sculpted but I’m actually more impressed with the chair. The fine detailing and texture of the seat looks fantastic.

Aquagaze: For crying out loud, Haganai. Whenever I think I am finally and definitely done with you, you manage to lasso me back in and start dragging me back to your side, no matter how hard I kick and scream. I am thoroughly impressed with how Kotobukiya has managed to prize a beauty like this one at a mere 6450 yen. Breathtaking attention to detail, a dynamic pose, excellent craftsmanship on the frills and the glossy shoes, and an eccentric composition — this is what figures should be. It is truly the artwork come to life, in both the best and worst possible ways, as it’s just bit a tad bit too easy to peek under her skirt for my taste. Then again, it’s Haganai. It could have been worse. Way worse.

Nendoroid Maou (Maoyu)
Good Smile Company, September, 3030JPY


Zigg: She’s smart looking and I like the very strong bright red colour, but you really have to make a Nendoroid something special for me to notice it these days.

Jel: Maou looks surprisingly great in nendo form, and the medieval body Hero body pillow is a pretty funny inclusion. The headband around the horns looks really out of place but I suppose they are supposed to be literally horns on a headband, so can’t complain too much there.

Aquagaze: Maoyu‘s Demon Queen has always been the kind of anime character that makes me want to gouge out my eyeballs and put them back in the other way around, with her dull, dead eyes, oversized chest the existence of which needs to be accentuated every five seconds and medieval body pillow of her show’s male lead — just to show us how much she wants him in her, err, royal suite. That’s not clever, that’s just sad. Nevertheless, I’m glad the thing made it to this weeks obligatory Nendoroid, because that means she at least has some accessories to, err, “play” with. The rest is pretty standard fare, as Nendoroids tend to make everyone (and everything) look ridiculously adorable. Her alternate faces are a bit dull, though. Then again, I don’t really think she is all that emotional a creature, what with the freaky stoner eyes.

Canon Daiba (God Eater Burst)
PLum, July, 7660JPY


Zigg: Very nice. Obviously the massive weapon is the main draw, and very cool it looks too, but I like Daiba herself as well. She’s got a smart no-nonsense dress style but it’s still an attractive design with some good detailing.

Jel: Giant weapons are always cool but for some reason this just feels a little uninspired to me. I can’t quite put my finger on why. Maybe it’s the girl herself? She doesn’t look nearly outlandish enough to be carrying around a canon like that.

Aquagaze: God Eater is a game I would kind of like to play, for two enormously stupid reasons: One, it’s called “God Eater” (seriously) and two, everyone carries weapons twice their size. Does that means I kind of adore this figure? …Eh. I like the kinetic pose, the ginormous cannon and heck, I even like the girl’s design. Simple and decorous for once, I can dig that. However, I only like the girl and the gun as two separate entities. When you put them together, something just feels “off”. It’s like eating pizza with ice cream: Both are delicious, but everyone knows eating them together is just wrong, just because it’s wrong.

Creamy Mami (Creamy Mami)
CM’s Corporation, July, 4730JPY


Zigg: It’s always nice to see older series get figures. This is quite simplistic, but it’s also rather lovely, with a cute pose, a sharp reproduction of the character and some lovely colour work. That low price helps soften the blow too.

Jel: BACK IN MY DAY, MAGICAL GIRLS WORE SENSIBLE SUMMER DRESSES AND PRACTICAL POOFY HAIRSTYLES *shakes cane* NOW GET OFF MY LAWN… actually I don’t know anything about Creamy Mami other than it’s ancient and it sounds like it could be a really depraved doujin manga. But hey, this looks really nice and it’s always cool to see old characters revived with a figure treatment.

Aquagaze: We live in times of continuous change, but two things will always stay the same: war and Japanese idols. Creamy Mami hails from an era in the distant past where you could still call something “creamy” without making a bunch of jaded bloggers who talk about plastic cartoon girls snicker like a flock of schoolchildren, and it shows. Is that a problem? No. Mami’s design is basic, but just wacky enough to count as a magical idol outfit. The craft is Beach Queen levels of unimpressive, but since Mami costs about as much as a Beach Queen, she gets a pass. Love the retro tambourine and microphone, by the way.

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