WWG & WWT April


Welcome to another edition of What We Got and What We Thought. This month Zigg gets touched by his very own angel along with a nice surprise, Jel ponders his Persona Figmas, and I get all sorts of good stuff, some of which I didn’t even order, showing up at my door.

Zigg’s Loot


Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid Petit Yuno Scrya.

Yuno was an extraordinarily generous present from Timmy who came in the parcel along with Tenshi, and I absolutely love him. I’ve never owned a Nendo Petite before but they’re perfect for little environment shots, the detail is totally up to snuff with the full size ones, and I’m always a fan of more boys in the collection. So yeah, I’m pretty chuffed.

Timmy: I remember my first petits were the Madoka set and I have loved the little cuties ever since. And they are so cheap too! It’s way too easy to buy the little buggers.  It’s always fun to introduce a friend to a slippery slope like that though as is giving them a healthy push down it for good measure.


Good Smile Company’s 1/8th Tenshi.

As Timmy said last time, she’s beautiful and gorgeous, and an absolute joy to photograph. My one problem was that my example showed up broken – you can see in the picture she’s missing half her bow. Fortunately a nice man from GSC assures me a replacement is winging its way to me.

Timmy: I already established how pretty Tenshi was last month but it never hurts to be reminded of it again. Zigg has a review of her up on Tomopop if you would like to read more about her prettiness and the large quantitys thereof.

Jel’s Loot


Max Factory’s  Figma Brooklyn Bot Labrys.

This is one of those times I wish I had a better camera and more time to set up lighting and what not. Labrys looks AWESOME, with tons of cool accessories and posing options, a great sculpt with hidden robot joints, and is surprisingly pretty easy to set up. I also have the Arena version of Aigis, as well as the Chie and Yukiko figmas, so I’m going to have a hard time deciding how to display them all.

Timmy’s Loot


Banpresto’s  Nanoha Takamachi DXF Figure School Uniform Version.

Nanoha is already pretty interesting given the fact she arrived on my doorstep via a mystery surprise box, and while I can’t say I am all that enamored with her schoolgirl outfit, aside from maybe those awesome socks, she is still pretty cute regardless. And you can’t really argue with free. Banpresto once again surprises me with the quality of these things. The lines are all pretty straight and, while it is quite subtle, there is some shading on the skirt and hair, which is a nice touch. The fact that I pretty much immediately snagged the corresponding Fate on Mandarake should be a pretty good indication of how I feel about Nanoha here.

Good Smile Company’s  Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois Nendoroid.

In case you weren’t aware Leo is pretty awesome and this nendo of her makes a good effort to shrink all that awesomeness down into chibi form. Her outfit is done quite well with both the cape and the skirt thingy removable. And Lots of great accessories lets you pose her either kicking ass, being adorable, or anything in between. As if that somehow isn’t already enough her feathered mount, Daumas is thrown in for good measure. Leo is one cute kitty and all her goodies make me glad I committed to the Dog Days Nendoroid line in the first place.

Max Factory’s  Sayaka Miki & Mami Tomoe School Uniform Version Figmas.

Speaking of commitments, the Madoka figma line is still going strong. While I already have two schoolgirls from the show two more never hurt. And considering a tea cup and baseball bat are pretty fun figma accessories I don’t really regret it either. Mami and Sayaka are both pretty fun to mess with.

Toy’s Works’s  Senran Kagura Niitengos.

I have had my eye on these little guys ever since they were announced and when I found the set orphaned from the Vita game’s bundle I couldn’t resist. They weren’t cheap but they are awesome enough for me to have no regrets. Not quite Nendoroid Petit quality with the paint but that certainly isn’t a deal breaker. Hopefully with that itch scratched I will have better luck passing on the many scales coming out. Hopefully.


Nintendo’s  3DS XL And Goodies.

Ahh yeahh, finally caved and got myself a 3DS! Settled on an XL thanks to that free game promo Nintendo was running if you registered a system and Luigi’s Mansion. So far I am having no regrets with shelling out the cash. Luigi’s Mansion is as fun as I expected it to be and my limited time with both Code of Princess and Etrian Odyssey 4 has been enjoyable thus far. On the Eshop side of things I have begun filling up that 32 gig SDHC card with Star Fox 64 DS, Liberation Maiden, and Shantae: Ricky’s Revenge. The first two being fun arcade games and the latter being a very colorful and quite entertaining puzzle platformer that I have given the majority of my attention to thus far. So far so good and I imagine this thing is going to eat many more of my dollars in the future. I do already have Rune Factory 4 on preorder.

Xseed’s  Pandora’s Tower.

While I never did actually participate in Operation Rainfall I did feel the need to put my money where everyone else’s mouths were. So that makes this the third a final checkmark for me. Go Team! I do plan on playing them all eventually since they do look pretty fun, and I am actually around half way through Xenoblade at the moment, but finding the time to finish it has been an issue. With these licensed and out of the way now everyone all can focus on getting Nintendo to bring over what we all really want. The Senran Kagura games. Who is with me! Guys? Hello? Where did everyone go?

Iro: I also picked up Pandora’s Tower and have been playing it slowly. Far too slowly for a proper review back when it was still relevant, so here are my quick thoughts on the matter: the game’s okay. It doesn’t suck (like The Last Story – we didn’t have a review of that because I just could not stomach any more of that game) and it’s not as good as Xenoblade (which I enjoyed enough to sink 100 hours into). It’s the middle-of-the-road Operation Rainfall game, I guess. Think Zelda if you only had the hookshot, where you have to return to the castle to feed the princess some meat occasionally.

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