All Your Monies: June 24th


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aquagaze) will run down the last week’s new preorders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week it’s another parade of lovely ladies. Beware of some mildly NSFW stuff towards the end.

Suguha Kirigaya (Sword Art Online)
Alter, November, 6200JPY


Zigg: Alter, you’re better than this. It’s not the craft I take issue with here but some of the design choices. For all its faults SAO had some lovely design, so why would you make your first figure of a boring girl in shorts? Maybe it’s a play for the lucrative little sister market, but nevertheless it’s disappointing too. Very awkward pose as well – I get what they were going for, but as it is it looked liek the sculptor got halfway, remembered he wasn’t doing an ero design and frantically tried to course correct. I’ll give you one thing though Alter – that’s one fine looking plate of muffins.

Jel: What is up with her legs? I guess she’s falling backwards or something? I guess she looks better from certain angles but something looks off. I would also think Alter would like to take a shot at some of SAO’s more interesting designs, but doing simple figures really, really well seems to be their game these days.

Lifesong: Suguha looks fantastic here. The pose really captures her personality quirks well. Alter may be the only figure company that can properly capture a listless expression like this. Everything from her facial expression to the way she is throwing her legs around express the nuances of her personality perfectly.

Timmy: From a technical standpoint Suguha came out quite nice with my only minor complaint being that her face could use more of a smile or something. The main problem I have though is why of all the great fantasy characters in SAO did Alter decide on a non fantasy character? I mean I guess she is nice and all but when I think character designs in SAO Suguha isn’t exactly the first thing to come to mind. I suppose the imouto fans will be happy though.

Kanna Tanigawa (Waiting in the Summer)
Alter, November, 6370JPY


Zigg: This is a good example of how to taka a pretty plain design and make something decent out of it. The paint and detail are excellent as ever and I’m especially enamored by the hair – too often with short haired characters companies will just give them a big lump of plastic bob cut with a bit of surace detail, but Alter have gone the extra mile here and really made it look alive. The pose and expression are pretty out of character though, and that skirt is comically short and sort of overblown on the ruffles front. Still, considering the scale boost to 1/6 this isn’t half bad.

Jel: Speaking of Alter doing simple designs really, really well, Kanna is pretty much a perfect example. Plainness is practically built into her character. I find it odd that she actually costs more than Suguha despite not having the fancy base. Maybe it’s a taller figure? [She is 1/6th scale. – Timmy] Overall it’s certainly Alter quality sculpting, especially the hair, but she may need to take an iron to that skirt or drop it off at the dry cleaners or something.

Lifesong: More detailed than your average schoolgirl. Kanna has so many little details I am a bit surprised she doesn’t cost more. This image doesn’t show it, but if you turn Kanna around you can see just how important quality sculpting and painting are to Alter. The indents in the back of her shirt have more detail than some figures of 3x the price. Also are some of the best knees I’ve seen on a figure. It’s a shame Alter doesn’t make figures on the more risque side of things. The details on Kanna’s skin make me think they would be incredibly good at it.

Timmy: As usual Alter makes pretty things and I don’t have many complaints as the hair, face, and pose are all lovely. And with such a simple outfit Alter is pushing the detail to the max. I am kind of wondering why they went with 1/6th scale as well as if skirts were really that short in AnoNatsu.

Yoshino (Date-A-Live)
Phat! Company, November, 6220JPY


Zigg: Yoshino is here mostly because I really, really love that outfit. The green is so distinctive and bunny ears/duffle coat combination is adorable and makes for a very unique look. I don’t like this quite as much as the previously featured version, but it’s still quite a looker and very tempting.

Jel: Didn’t we just do this? I guess this version is standing, plus it’s 1/8 versus 1/7 and doesn’t have the cool blue crystal base. OK, so that’s a lot of differences but either way Yoshino does have a really interesting, detailed design. I’m kind of a sucker for fake metallic paint these days too. Now if only I had seen more than one episode of Date A Live maybe I would care more.

Lifesong: Yoshino is proving to be fairly popular with the figure companies lately and I can see why. I love the character designs in Date a Love and I hope these companies will give Toka and Kotori the same level of attention. Personally I like Plum’s version better, but I think both versions capture of the personality of Yoshino. This one is a bit more static, but she doesn’t feel stiff and has a nice paint job. The real seller here is that Phat’s Yoshino is nearly 4k cheaper than Plum’s is.

Timmy: I really should get around to watching Date A Live. I suppose in the mean time I can watch the series get milked. For good reason though as there are some great designs in the show, Yoshino included. Loving everything about her and Phat did a really nice job. I especially love all the metallic bits of her costume.

Rei Ayanami (Evangelion 3.33)
Wave, November, 4010JPY


Zigg: It’s not too shabby and I’m digging Rei’s 3.33 re-design, but Wave, it’s time you stepped up beyond 1/10 stuff. The size is jsut so limiting that I have trouble recommending anything in that scale, particularly since this is Rei you know there’ll be other renditions to pick from.

Jel: Overheard at EVA headquarters: “Hey guys, we made Asuka a pirate, we need to do something new with Rei. Hmmm… hey, you know how she always wears a white plugsuit? Why not have her wear a BLACK plugsuit?” Seriously though, I love the red and teal highlights on the black, it’s very striking it’s just… more Evangelion that I don’t care about anymore. It doesn’t help that the pose and base are incredibly boring but on the bright side these are priced to move.

Lifesong: I am only now noticing that the new Rei wore black in the 3rd movie. She looks good in black I guess. I am kind of just tired of this franchise and have a hard time caring about it anymore.

Timmy: Rei in black? I guess I can dig it and the red and green bits add some much needed contrast. He expression makes me wonder if she isn’t all that pleased with her new outfit though.

Sasami Tsukuyomi (Sasami@Unmotivated)
Griffon, August, 7890JPY


Zigg:  It’s still an eye-catcher but that’s more due to the distinctive design of Sasami’s pajamas than any work on Griffon’s part. Clthing is falt, the face is boring and that off-the-shoulder tease seems super halfhearted. The face is vacant and the hair looks lumpy. And that price is way too much to be asking.

Jel: I always liked Sasami’s Atelier RPG pajama design, particularly in nendoroid form, but Griffon has managed to make this as boring and expensive as possible. To their credit the sculpt looks solid, particularly the face which is often a problem area for them. You’d have to be a pretty hardcore Sasami fan (do those actually exist?) to pick this up, but I suppose it could be worse…

Lifesong: Griffon figures are rarely photogenic. I own a lot of their figures and can say from experience that the final product often looks better than the prototype. Sasami looks pretty good here so I expect a great final product. Just ignore those feet and OH WOW… what is wrong with her toes? If you are buying this figure make sure you have a way to display her where those feet will not be visible.

Timmy: Pretty nice effort on Griffon’s part as that face, hair, and pretty much everything else in general looks good. Price is awfully high though, especially when we all know how much effort they are going to put into the base.

Katsuragi (Senran Kagura)
Griffon, August, 7890JPY


Zigg: HAHAHAHAHA…that face….HAHAHAHAHAH. Also knees do not work like that.

Jel: Aaaaand this is worse. I don’t have a problem with the pose or her current state of dress (that is how Katsuragi powers up after all), but man this is like pre-“we’ve got all this toohoos money” era Griffon, from the flat dead face, to the lifeless porcelain hair and skin, to weirdly elongated body. Definitely better off tracking down the Phat Company’s version or Amiami’s own take, both of which are much more fun and energetic than this dud.

Lifesong: Facial derp the figure. What I said above about Griffon making better final products still applies here, but I don’t think anything is saving this Katsuragi from her derp face. Everything from the breasts up needs remodeling. The ribbons look stiff and her lifeless arms don’t fit the character. Also that hair, I don’t even want to get started on how badly colored her hair is. She should have golden blonde hair… not this bleached fake looking crap. Unless Griffon just chop her in half above the navel and resign her entire upper half I won’t be satisfied. She also needs a new paint job. There is just too much wrong here to expect her to turn out okay.

Timmy: Well, I do like the pose as it is very Katsuragi like, showing of that awesome ninja flexibility she has. Hell, the skirt even works where it is at. What really bothers me is that ugly ass face of hers. Its generic, unispired, and just down right terrible. Guh. And Griffon seemed to be doing decently well lately.

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