First Impressions: Symphogear G


Alternate titles: Senhime Zesshou Symphogear G
Anime Original by Satelight

Premise: The mecha idol girls are back and so is the noise! This time there is a plot for world domination by a rival idol group.


Lifesong’s Ridiculous Fun

I have a crush on this show I can’t properly explain. Everything inside me screams that it is silly and stupid, but I love watching it anyway. This first episode wasted no time showing me that this is exactly the show I remember it to be. Singing fighting fun all over the place. We even had a bunch of Arab’s in tears after watching the performance of some new idol. The plot is that some new group has control over the noise and are declaring themselves to be world dictators or something equally silly, but I am having fun so I don’t really care.

Jel’s Verdict: Pure Spectacle

With all the explosions and pretty colors and pop music this episode throws at you, I almost started regretting my decision to drop the first season of Symphogear. Things like the attack names splashing on screen and sword microphones are all so gloriously dumb that it’s impossible not to be entertained. As I’ve mentioned in my Railgun coverage I also love the idea of introducing an equal power rival group as well. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I may actually give this another episode if I can find the time.

Marlin’s Verdict: Raucous Music

Life and I were the stalwart watchers of Symphogear back in its original run. Like him, I can barely remember why I found the show so appealing, but watching this episode I am sure glad I didn’t give it up. All of the cheesiness of the old mecha musume transformations has been ramped up by a visibly improved budget, and the named attacks are even more stylish than ever before. At the same time, the show keeps its strange juxtaposition of intense violence that the macabre situation this world is in requires. Whenever the noise show up this show isn’t scared to show dozens of soldiers be brutally murdered, and then have their ashes vacuumed up after the fight is over. This was definitely the most fun show I’ve seen yet. With a rival group entering the fray, I’m excited to see what Symphogear has in store for us.

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