All Your Monies: July 29th, 2013


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aquagaze) will run down the last week’s new preorders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week Zigg is on Wonfest assignment as well as being swamped in general so it looks like you are stuck with me again. Lots of pretty figures, some of them wanting lots of your yens.

Saber Lily (Fate/Unlimited Codes)
Alphamax, December, 8540JPY


Timmy: A pretty nice Saber in general, and a nice change from what is the norm with her elegant looking sitting pose. My Fate shelf could probably use a nice Saber Lily, but I am not sure I want to shell out that much for her, even if the 1/7th scale potentially makes her wort it.

Lifesong: She looks lovely and I’ve got not doubt that Alphamax will do her justice, but I’m pretty tired of Saber at this point.

Jel: Not bad but far from the best Saber Lily out there. I do appreciate the sculpting on the folds in her dress and her hair looks fantastic. I suppose it is a little more rare to see her without her armor, but that also means she’s just wearing a white dress which is considerably more boring. Price tag is high too, so unless you gotta catch em’ all I’d say pass.

Iro: I never really got the whole deal with Saber Lily, and I’m the Type-Moon guy around here. She was only an alternate costume in Fate/Unlimited Codes as a “light” saber to contrast with Saber Alter, and I guess the design took off. This figure seems pretty pricey for a somewhat boring pose. I guess the really fancy, action-y one is ludicrously expensive, though?

Rin Shibuya (The IdolM@ster)
Good Smile Company, January, 7020JPY


Timmy: Rin here is looking downright fantastic. The multilayered frilly skirt and outfit in general look lovely, the face is nice, her hair and hairpiece both look great, and the microphone stand and cord are great touches to wrap up a very nice figure. Quite a dynamic pose as well that demonstrates the fact idols rarely sit still on stage. Tempting but I had decided to skip out on the Idolm@ster goods a long time ago to save my wallet the pain and Rin here isn’t going to change that policy.

Lifesong: I love Rin’s frills and her outfit in general is pretty cute. The purple on her boots, corset and headpiece bring a nice dash of color to an otherwise black and grey design. Her expression and pose are also pretty great, she has this so into she is almost angry look and it works well here. I wish GSC, or anyone for that matter, would give this kind of attention to the IdolM@ster characters I actually know.

Jel: This is a really impressive figure. The details on her dress like the ruffles and clasps are perfect, her hair looks great, and I love the dark color scheme. The even went the extra mile in making the mic stand look real. The pose is really full of energy as well, especially the swirling microphone cord. Seems like a great buy if you need more idols in your collection.

Iro: That facial expression makes it look like she’s angry but trying to hide it behind a smile. Also, who in their right mind would swirl the cord around like that? She’s just asking to fall over.

Yaya (Unbreakable Machine-Doll)
Griffon, October, 9570JPY


Timmy: I am really digging Yaya here despite having little clue as to who she is. The gear thing she is sitting on is pretty cool as are her ribbons which are going absolutely everywhere. The pose is nice and her clothing has a nice amount of detail in those wrinkles and frills. And finally her ever so important expression is well done and the ribbon in her mouth works. I’ll be tempted to pick her up, but only if the aftermarket price drops because holy crap I am not going to pay that much for her. You must think I am crazy Griffon.

Lifesong: Griffon are at their best when they make a figure loaded with either ribbons or frills and that is exactly what we have here. Griffon even managed to dodge around their usual issue with sculpting mouths by sticking a ribbon in it!. Judging from the light novel artwork I’ve seen she is pretty accurate to her original design. That said, this is a tempting figure even without knowing the character.

Jel: This is a pretty interesting figure to look at, especially with ribbons and the wheel base. I like the color choices as well with the red and pink standing out against her black yukata/dress thing. While it does have a bit of that Griffon porcelain look, the sculpt is not that bad either. That price tag though, ouch. I applaud the ambition, but I don’t think it quite lives up to how much they’re asking for it.

Iro: I guess this show is airing in Fall season. Something about robot girls, I think? Anyway, what’s with all the swirly ribbons and such lately? Are the figure companies just trying to show off more than usual?

Kuroneko (Oreimo)
Kotobukiya, December, 6450JPY


Timmy: Very cute. I am really loving all the details put into that pink dress, especially all the frills and such. She is sporting a somewhat standard kitty pose but it fits her well. And finally there is that cute face that is probably her biggest selling point. Its no surprise her preorders are selling out fast.

Lifesong: More Kuroneko, cute but I really don’t care at this point. The pink works well for her I guess.

Jel: Putting my feelings for Oreimo aside, this is a really cute figure. It’s a bit bizarre seeing Kuroneko wear pink, but with the myriad of other figures in her black clothes I am OK with trying something new. My only complaint is the seams at her torso and on her head, which you would think might look better considering their position on her outfit but instead look like you could easily pull her apart if you wanted. Now putting my feelings for Oreimo back in, THIS SERIES IS DEAD TO ME, MOVING ON.

Iro: That is a cat pose. Because she’s named Kuroneko. Get it?

Saber Extra Nendoroid (Fate/Extra)
Good Smile Company, November, 3030JPY


Timmy: Red Saber is the best Saber. Somehow GSC managed to make her into a pretty great nendo, fanservicey outfit and all.

Lifesong: How does this outfit work in nendroid form? She should probably look hideous and yet somehow GSC actually made this work fairly well.

Jel: You wouldn’t think Saber Extra’s peek-a-bo outfit would work in Nendoroid form but somehow it does. They managed to make her dress accurate while minimizing the creepy Nendoroid Boob effect. I love the metallic paint that highlights her dress, boots, and sword. Throw in a great extra face and I am kind of tempted to grab this.

Iro: I’ve mostly given up complaining about Saber Extra’s clothes. but they’re still super silly. The extra face is nice though, and I like the sword. Ami Ami says it’s Excalibur Galatine, though. I call bullshit!

Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi Nendoroid (Henneko)
Good Smile Company, December, 3030JPY


Timmy: Pretty damn cute and that food and eating expression are a definite selling point. She makes a pretty good kitty themed nendo as well, although Leo is much, much better if you are buying a nendo for that.

Lifesong: Cute, but still losing out on cute factor to Kotobukiya’s scale. That’s a harsh blow for a nendroid. She does come with some amusing extras at least and her eating face is pretty great.

Jel: I’ve grown to hate saying “moe” as it has turned into a lazy way of describing things, but man, this is one of the most moe things I’ve ever seen. The nendoroid itself is not terribly exciting, but I do like the curry and pork bun accessories.

Iro: Wouldn’t the tail just mean she’s showing her ass to everyone all the time? Or is that the point?

Ichiko Sakura (Binbougami ga!)
FREEing, December, 7020JPY


Timmy: Guh, she is sporting probably my favorite outfit in the anime and is wearing it in a pretty interesting pose as well. Really the only thing holding me back is the more I look at that smile the more I don’t like it, it just looks weird to me much like their Nanoha did. Maybe I will come around but for now I don’t feel paying that price for her.

Lifesong: This should probably look better than it does. Her toes and fingers look lazy. Call me back when she has a her army of totally not pokemon behind her.

Jel: As the rest of the Glorio Crew will attest to, I will not shut up about how good Binbougami is and I’ve been clamoring for more figures for some time. While this is not the Ichiko I want, she looks great here. It’s a pretty simple design but FREEing manages to breathe some life into it with the pose and expression brimming with the appropriate amount of confidence. I guess I’m just disappointed that with all the colorful designs and outfits available for Ichiko or any other cast member, this is what they went with. It’s a tough call but I’m going to pass, maybe I can get Timmy to buy it and I can live vicariously through him. Also, can we get a Ranmaru figure please? I’d buy that instantly.

Iro: How much are we betting that Jel is going to break down and buy this anyway?

Rei Kuroki (Vividred Operation)
Griffon, September, 7140JPY


Timmy: This Rei and her scarf will be confusing to some but in the context of her trying to hide her neck tattoo it makes sense, plus she used it to cover her face and became an awesome, masked, utensil-wielding, bikini-ninja girl who saved everyone’s ass that episode. Vividred Operation was a pretty weird show… Anyways I have had nice things to say about Griffon’s other swimsuit clad Vividred figures and Rei here isn’t much different. Nice dramatic pose, an expression that looks like she is about to kill you with that butter knife, and that tattoo barely visible under the scarf make this a pretty accurate representation of her. Not a bad job Griffon, you are still asking too much for her though.

Lifesong: A butter knife a bikini and a scarf? Clearly I need to go back and watch the last few episodes of this anime. I will be disappointed if this getup isn’t explained.

Jel: Apparently Rei has caught you spying on her at the beach and you are now about to pay the consequences? Also, isn’t it a little counter productive to wear a scarf with a bikini? THIS FIGURE MAKES NO SENSE.

Iro: Why is she wearing a scarf? If you’re cold, put on some real clothes.

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