Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 44 & 45

Recap: Haruto bumps into his old teacher who is on a quest to find a toy plane. Meanwhile, Koyomi’s condition worsens.

Aqua’s thoughts: 

Random observations:

Zigg’s thoughts: The fact that this is a double post sort of speaks as to our enthusiasm about this two parter. Now that we’re in the very final stretch of episodes this should be the point where the pressure has been cranked to maximum, where our investment in the characters should be gleefully used and abused by the showrunners, where the sakes are highest and the game is near the end.

Instead, what we get is a meandering, unfocussed pair of episodes that mostly obey the status quo disappointingly rigidly in such a late story. Haruto’s teacher makes for a friendly, engaging Gate but I do wish they would have delved  little bit deeper into his tragic backstory. It’s sort of difficult to believe he could be so easily driven to despair given he puts such a brave face on the whole situation. He does get serious points though for being the one to do the smart thig and stomp up the toy plane, thus overcoming his own attachment to it. As morals go ‘don’t put your hope in material objects’ is a pretty decent one, and it’s the culmination of a nice arc.

In other areas though these two episodes fall down badly. The action is sub-standard, the Phantom is one of the least threatening yet and there’s a feeling of tired roteness about the whole thing. The Koyomi plot arc would be intriguing if we gave a damn about her at all, which we don’t. You can’t entirely remove a character from relevance for maybe 2/3rds of the show’s run and then suddenly expect us to be deeply invested in their fate. What’s perhaps most worrying of all is how washed out the villains feel – Medusa shouldn’t really still be in here and her feud with Mayu is increasingly becoming a drag. Gremlin meanwhile has only appeared sporadically and seems more bereft of purpose than ever, his bold but baffling proclamation at the end notwithstanding. With only three major arcs to go Wizard needs to produce something special to avoid ending on a sour note. I’m not optimistic.

Random observations:

  • Erin Nakayama lets her hair down as Mayu for the first time this episode and its a bad miscalculation as she immediately looks almost exactly like Medusa.

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