All Your Monies: September 23rd 2013


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aquagaze) will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week it’s an even split between the ladies of war and peace.

Noel Vermillion (BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma)
Vertex, December, ¥7690


Zigg: Extremely torn on this. It looks to be a very well made figure (as Vertex figures tend to be) and there’s individual details about it i really like, like the flowing ribbons, the billowing cape and the great looking hair, along with the striking blue and yellow palette. Problem is, I really don’t like this character design very much, and the pose does nothing to help. Noel’s original design was a cool, classy and refreshingly different look, now they’ve just given her 50% less clothing and a ludicrous skirt. And let’s not ignore the actual problems with the figure, like that incredibly awkward leg or bullet nipples. I’m sure it’ll be high quality but it’s not for me.

Jel: As one of my mains in Blazblue, I kind of want this. This isn’t the shrinking violent Noel of the first two games, but the powerful and determined version from the upcoming Chrono Phantasma. I almost don’t care that the only thing more obvious than the fracture in her left leg is the fact that it must be really cold in that room. Everything else looks fantastic, from  the guns and ribbons to the really well sculpted face. The price isn’t bad either, so I’ll  have to give it some thought.

Timmy: Distractedly erect nipples aside this is actually a pretty nice figure. Nice face, nice hair, cool weapons, neat ropy stringy ribbon things, there is a lot of stuff to like here. Price isn’t too outrageous either as long as Vertex can keep the production quality up.

Lifesong: Noel is looking sexy and in charge which is a big change of pace from her older look. I like what Vertex has done with her. If they can mass produce the quality we see in these images they have a winner on their hands.

Swamp Witch Metallica (The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers)
Phat Company, April 2014, ¥10490


Zigg: I really, really like this, which is why it’s here even though I’ve never heard of the source material before. Just a really bright, energetic figure, full of weird cartoony design and great flourishes, like the oversized hat or the incredibly smart base. As someone who often tires of all the leggy bishoujos we feature in this article I’d love to see a few more uniquely styled pieces like this.

Jel: I have no idea what is going on here but it looks amazing. It’s a blast of color, detail and activity that almost tells a story in itself. Personally I love the super stylized, cartoonish designs we usually see from NIS games, but I can understand if some people may find it to be an acquired taste. If they’re going to keep making figures of this quality, I would love to see Phat Company do something with the latest Disgaea game. Make it happen!

Timmy: Not only is this figure really pretty, its also a lot of fun to look at as well. Everything from the very mischievous smirk on Metallica’s face to the hapless monsters suffering her wrath everything is really, really well done. It’s a fine example of how a nice base and a few extras bits can really turn a figure into a complete display piece, and a very cool one at that.

Lifesong: So many pretty colors and a nice dynamic pose to boot! I love Metallica’s malicious smirk.

Alisa Ilinichina Amiella (God Eater Burst)
Alphamax, April 2014, ¥9520


Zigg: Oddly enough I really like the colour scheme on this, with the red checks, black and browns of the base forming a nicely muted palette. Digging those huge thigh high boots as well. Everything else is a little by the numbers but it looks to be a fine effort from Alphamax, and I’m continually surprised by how many good figures the game has produced.

Jel: Does it get any more ANIME than a school girl with a giant sword? That being said, the God Eater Burst figures have a certain amount of class that you don’t always get with this type of thing. And yes, that is acknowledging the fact that the top she is wearing does not have a enough material to classify as a shirt. Maybe it’s the simple maroon and black color scheme? The really cool rubble base? Dat hat? I’m not completely sure, but I like it.

Timmy: A fine showing by Alphamax with their lovely Alisa. Interesting pose and interesting clothes are the highlight, especially if you are a fan of underboob. That face is also really nicely done as well as is that weapon of hers. I would say Alphamax was asking too much, but that sword and base might actually make her worth it.

Lifesong: I think I actually like Freeing’s version of this character more, which is not to say she looks bad, but I’m glad I got that one. The graceful expression and pose just aren’t working for me here. It’s just not a remotely graceful design. Sexed up girls with big guns doing ballet needs more thought than this.

Honoka Kosaka (Love Live!)
Kotobukiya, Febraury 2014, ¥6690


Zigg: Somewhat surprisingly i really like this. The bright yellow colour scheme goes all the way to ‘eye-popping’ without crossing too far into ‘garish’, she’s surprisingly covered for what’s nominally a swimsuit figure and there’s tons of nice detail work, like the frilly hem on her top or the big flower in her hair. That base is just fantastic too, I’ve always loved attempts at water effects in figures. Overall a sterling example of how really great design can elevate a so-so premise.

Jel: I want to hate this but I can’t deny this is a really pretty figure. It’s very tasteful for a swimsuit figure and the flowers and other elegant details offset the garish yellow and pink color scheme. Also that water splash base is really cool. Much like my opinion on Love Live! in general, I’d say if you’re into the idol thing this is quality work.

Timmy: Kotobukiya really needs to stop tempting me with amazing figures that normally I wouldn’t give any thought to otherwise. It’s a fine example of how a little effort can turn a swimsuit figure into something really special. Her expression and hair are both really lovely, her attire is colorful and interesting, her footwear adds some nice, interesting detail to what would otherwise be another plain pair of legs, and all the little flowery details add a really nice touch to the figure. That amazing splash base is definitely the cherry on top and then some. I don’t know nor really care much about Love Live! but I want to own this, although that is not a first when it comes to Koto’s swimsuit figures.

Lifesong: She is super cute. Kotobukiya have captured this characters high energy personality incredibly well. I’m not a big fan of all the orange and yellow, but I can’t help feeling like it fits the character none the less.

Akiko Himenokoji (…sigh…OniiAi)
FREEing, January 2014, ¥7210


Zigg: I’m always suspicious of pillow seated figures, because it’s not an incredibly interesting position and because most of them adopt the not so subtle ‘ravish me’ stylings that this figure does. Quality wise it looks fine and I’d applaud the detail they’ve given to her stockinged legs, but then knowing the source material I suspect that was not done for conscientious quality control. Bleugh.

Jel: By itself this is a pretty plain, mild schoolgirl figure. By FREEing standards it actually looks pretty great. The face is perfect and I have to give them credit for details like the seams on her uniform and the creases in her tights. Knowing it’s from OniAi however turns it into incestuous foot fetish material that should be avoided at all costs. I would think that if you were a fan of the show you would be disappointed at how tame it was, so really nobody wins here.

Timmy: Eh, I guess this is a nice enough figure and her face is pretty cute. The details of her outfit are pretty nicely done as well and having extra bits to change the pose included is always nice. Conveniently ignoring the source I would say if your shelf is sorely lacking in the cute girl department, there is a pretty nice one right here.

Lifesong: No yes pillow? No crazy incestuous overtones? This figure couldn’t be more disappointingly boring if it tried.

Madoka Kaname Maiko ver. (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
Aniplex (production by GSC), December, ¥9,800 (Good Smile Online Store exclusive)


Zigg: The colour work on this is absolutely stunning. Given most figures of the Madoka Magica girls stick  so strongly to their theme colouring, it’s a refreshing look for Madoka with the bright blue contrasting very well against her pink hair and the red umbrella, with the splashes of yellow tastefully done. The detail work is wonderful too – check out the incredible pattern painting, the wonderful way the cloth falls or the great hair ornaments. The only downside is that somewhat vacant face, but it’s not too bad and easily made up for.

Jel: We have some really pretty figures this week but Madoka wins. The cool blue kimono looks stunning against her usual base pink colors and the detail work (particularly the umbrella) is fantastic. I really love the pose too, adding motion and life to what could have been a really boring outfit. I guess my only issue is this has zero connection to the source material, but hey if you’re the type of collector that just wants nice things on your shelf then here you go.

Timmy: Definitely a lovely Madoka to be sure and a very colorful one at that with all those flower themed prints on her kimono. The blue and yellow of her garb is a really nice change of pace from what we are used to seeing her in as well. That umbrella tops things off by both giving her face a nice backdrop and being very nicely detailed as well. Only downside is that thanks to someone on MFC I can’t unsee that borderline yandere looking face.

Lifesong: This is one gorgeous Kimono. I kind of wish it wasn’t Madoka though I have to say the pink hair goes great with the rest of the outfit. As tired of Madoka merchandise as I am… I am just a bit tempted to buy this if only for the amazing colors on this beautiful kimono.

4 thoughts on “All Your Monies: September 23rd 2013

  1. That Madoka is just… I’m speechless.

    And to think that I’ve already ordered that Yukata Madoka from earlier. Bloody hell. I guess I’m having myself TWO Madoka in gorgeous kiimono. Sue me.

    • They’re both rather lovely aren’t they? I think I prefer this one though, that blue is so rich and such a good contrast that she really pops right off the screen.

  2. Wow, this week’s post has some really amazing figures!

    If I had to pick a favorite, though, it would have to be the Swamp Witch Metallica. The amount of character in the base and figure itself is amazing and the quality is great right down to the facial expression. That figure is enough to make me want to check out the game once it’s released.

    While the color scheme doesn’t jump out at you like the schemes of many figures do, the one on that Alisa figure suits it perfectly. I may not be a fan of how little she’s wearing, but I love that figure all the same. I’m downloading that game as we speak XD

    While not one that i’m interested it, I have to agree that the Honoka figure looks great. The clothes capture her personality while somehow making it seem like eye-candy isn’t the main point. I also agree that the base is very cool.

    Almost everything about that Madoka is amazing. The kimono is absolutely stunning. Unfortunately the face breaks the deal for me. I couldn’t say what I don’t like about it but it just seems…off…

    And what’s up with that leg on the first figure? 0_o

    • It’s a very strong week isn’t it? Aside from OniiAi girl I think I’d happily have a place for everything else here on my shelf, even if I have reservations about Noel.

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