Strike the Blood: Episode 7


Recap: Asagi is kidnapped by a terrorist organization along with Yukina and Nagisa. Koujo is chases them down, but we will he be able to save the day before Asagi is forced to unleash and ancient evil super weapon?


Lifesong’s Thoughts: This episode threw a few interesting twists at us. Asagi’s super hacking skills are every bit as amazing as they have been made out to be, Yaze can summon Captain Planet when he eats lots of magic pills and Valter is actually just here to have some fun. Of note, I’m always a bit surprised to see a character doing drugs on Japanese TV. Isn’t that like super taboo in Japan? Maybe magical Captain Planet summoning pills don’t count?

We officially took the first steps into harem territory this episode with Sayaka blushing at Koujo. Anyway you look at it she is a psychopathic lesbian, but that won’t stop Koujo from biting her when push comes to shove I’m sure. Actually I suspect the one he will be biting in this arc is actually Asagi. It seems about time she became more involved and I’m willing to bet that Koujo needs to bite a different girl to bring each one of his familiars under control. I am still confused why Astarte isn’t his servant now, but whatever I guess.


Looking forward there is lots of fighting that needs to happen. I’m a bit worried that somehow Asagi will get hit on the head at the prefect time and won’t get to learn about Koujo’s powers… again. Provided nothing super stupid like that happens next episode should be good old fashion vampire on mecha fun. Of course the fight I really want to see is Koujo versus Valter, but that might be too much to ask for.

2 thoughts on “Strike the Blood: Episode 7

  1. So I just watched all the episodes up to this point more or less in one go, and I find myself saying FUKOU-DA and IMAGINE BREAKER at certain points in the story. At least in this spiritual successor of Index, I find myself rather more entertained.

    • This show manages to be fun and the comparison to Index is an apt one I think, especially since Koujo likes to punch stuff. It’s weird, I feel like this show isn’t particularly good at any of the things it’s trying to do, but I find myself liking the protagonist and that’s enough to keep me invested. Actually, I’m getting some dejavu here… I’ve said basically the same things about early Index.

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