Majestic Prince: Episode 21 and 22


Recap:  The final battle begins, but Izuru is forced to stay on the sidelines.

Iro’s Thoughts:
Not too much to talk about on these two episodes. Because of Izuru’s weird medical issues from last time, he’s barred from entering Red 5 and participating in the operation. They all try to leave behind the little girl from Asagi’s pit crew as well, but she’s having none of that. There’s the pervasive question here of “What am I fighting for?” that leads to a few poignant moments. Izuru is convinced that he has nothing else to do because he was created to fight aliens (throwing some of the higher ups for a guilt trip), while now Asagi can find purpose in fighting to protect his family.

What we’ve seen of the battle itself so far has been pretty entertaining, as usual. MJP still has a fairly high bar for action sequences, and these episodes were no exception. It was a lot of fun to see them hook up the Godinion’s main cannon to Suruga’s sniper suite, and the entire squad cooperating to take down the enemy ace (complete with swelling music) was probably one of the best parts of the entire show. Alas, it’s not a final battle unless something goes horribly wrong, and it turns out the Wulgaru gate has super energy shielding that makes it immune to energy weapons. They’re going to have to destroy it physically somehow, and I’ll bet anything it’s going to somehow lead to Izuru launching off.


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