All Your Monies: December 16th 2013


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aquagaze) will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week Zigg is working his butt off putting in some holiday related overtime which leaves me to fill in, and naturally I abuse the privilege as much as I can.

Morgiana (Magi)
Megahouse, May 2014, ¥6400


Timmy: Man, I don’t know what it is with her but every time I see this Morgiana I become that much more enamored with her. All the little things like her eyes that seemed off before don’t really seem bad at all now; maybe we just got some bad pictures before or something. While I certainly would like to see her in her normal outfit as plain as it is, I do think this dancer outfit turned out quite nice. I espically love how all the gold complements her outfit, and that gold hairband and blue flower add a nice touch of asymmetry. Really quite tempting, especially at that price.

Jel: While I kind of wish we’d get a Morg figure in her normal clothes, I guess this does make for a more visually interesting figure. Early concerns about her face are put to rest as she now looks spot on and the detail and texture on her uhhh… dress? They all look great. Sure I’d love to see a figure of her kicking a tiger, but this is pretty cool too.

Lifesong: I thought Morginana’s skin looked way too white when I saw her early prototype, but looking at her latest photos I think she has come a long way. I love Morgiana’s pose and her darker skin tones somehow make this whole figure look better.

Elf (Dragon’s Crown)
Megahouse, June 2014, ¥8800


Timmy: Megahouse is on a roll this week and the Elf they have rolled out for us looks damn amazing. Everything looks great on her but the hair in particular looks fantastic. That and the squirrel hanging on for dear life. I have been pretty fond of Kamitani’s designs since stumbling across Muramasa (and buying Alter’s Momohime) many moons ago so Elf is going to be hard to resist.

Jel: Man, Megahouse is really stepping up their game this week. The art of Dragon’s Crown is pretty tough to translate into 3D but Elf’s design is probably the easiest out of all of them. And aside from the conspicuous lack of string on her bow (maybe that will be added later), she looks beautiful. Particularly impressive are the detailed braids framing her face and the paint work on her eyes is spot on with the original art.

Lifesong: I hope there is a metal pole in that leg. This archer is true to the original artwork. Personally I think it’s the most boring of the Dragon’s Crown designs, but I also have to admit that for what she is Megahouse have done a nice job with her. The shading work on her clothing is great and the bow in particular is beautiful.

Gee: I never particularly cared for the Elf’s playstyle, but she’s definitely the most…conventional looking girl, and as a result, her model turns out pretty great. I’d go as far as say it look as good the famous Alter figures of girls from previous Vanillaware games. Great detail all over the place, but especially the braids and arrow fletching. Combined with a great rendering that mirrors her in-game artwork and it makes for a pretty neat looking figure.

Racing Miku 2013 (Vocaloid)
Good Smile Racing, June 2014, ¥8020


Timmy: Although the stream of Miku figures is wearing on me, with a few exceptions anyways, I must admit GSR has done a really nice job on this year’s racing rendition of her. Transparent hair almost always looks cool, and that transparent skirt like thing is pretty neat too. The rest of her outfit is pretty interesting as well with both the round colored port things in her outfit along with the burnt titanium theme going on. If you are a Miku fan you probably can’t go wrong.

Jel: Another year another Racing Miku. While technically impressive, particularly from the backside, she kind of just looks like a modified take on her Append design. Also, where’s her giant track day umbrella? It’s lovely in its own right, but not terribly unique in the sea of Miku figures out there.

Lifesong: Sorry, but I’ve used up all the words I have for racing Miku figures. Do we really need more racing Mikus? I don’t have any problems with the figure itself, but I am just so utterly bored with this design concept.

Lynette Bishop (Strike Witches)
Alter, May 2014, ¥8580


Timmy: Seems pretty difficult to go a few months without seeing another one of Alter’s finely crafted Strike Witches, and Lynette here is no exception. While the level of craftsmanship is up to its usual mark I must say I do really love her alternate expression and pose, which is exactly why that is the image I went with. Sadly though the young lass sporting her highly visible unmentionables means I will probably never own one of these gals. And that is from someone who bought that crazy Jubei figure.

Jel: *yawn* Alter is still making these? I’ll write new comments when they make new figures.

Lifesong: Looks great as usual. The war on pants is going well it seems. It is not my war however, I’ll be moving on now.

Beach Queens Yura Yamato (Stella Women’s Academy C3-bu)
Wave, July 2014, ¥4490


Timmy: One of the best Beach Queens we have seen in a while, and I am loving the arm and knee pad combo to add intrest to those otherwise plain areas. That utility belt and gun make her a lot of fun as well, not to mention the cool shades. Price is a bit high, but you are probably getting quite a bit bang for your buck compared to normal BQ figures.

Jel: Every now and then a Beach Queen comes along that ALMOST makes me want to buy it (see Angel Beats Yuri, Saber Zero) and I think Yura is on that list. Her suit and pose are fairly modest and she simply looks like she having a blast doing airsoft at the beach. The extra hair options are nice bonus, although I don’t know why anyone would want to go back to her longer hair if you’ve seen the series. Maybe I can talk Gee into buying this.

Lifesong: This beach queen has unusually amount of personality. Between the knee and elbow pads plus the gun there is no mistaking Yura’s personality here. A great piece if your one of the 300 or so people who care about this series.

Gee: No lie, this may be the first time I’ve ever been tempted to buy a figure of a girl in a swimsuit. The pose and the accessories, like the holster and knee pads, give it a playful feel rather than a sexual one, which works really well in Yura’s favor. She actually looks like someone who’s having fun on the beach rather than posing for a skeevy photo shoot.

Figma Yukari Akiyama (Girls und Panzer)
Max Factory, May 2014, ¥3930


Timmy: While not being to extravagant in the outfit department, these girls are making it up with the props they come with. If we are lucky maybe Max Factory will have given us an entire tank when its all said and done.

Jel: Another great job enhancing the somewhat bland Garupan designs with some great accessories. Who doesn’t want a figma scale tank shell? Granted her load out is not as cool as Miho’s but still a worth addition to the growing set.

Lifesong: I love the big bushy hair. I haven’t watched this show yet,(and Timmy will make sure it happens eventually) but for whatever reason this character always sticks out to me in the artwork. I guess she is important enough since she got a figma? Or maybe they are they all getting Fimgas. I will admit I haven’t been paying too much attention.

Homura (Senran Kagura)
Kaitendo, March 2014, ¥8050


Timmy: Yep, I had to throw in this week’s Senran Kagura figure who has a few problems but has a few things going for her as well. I think the pose is pretty interesting with the hair, katanas, and sheathes being generally intertwined. The outfit, while being pretty plain in design, is alright and the socks and shoes are nice. I would have liked to see an undamaged option though. So the problem? That face just looks really weird to me, especially the smile. It also annoys me that Kaitendo didn’t feel the need to have a shot with her looking at the camera, or that many shots at all for that matter, as that would have maybe helped gauge things better.

Jel: In case you needed proof of who did AYM this week… healthy schoolgirl ninja seems very relevant to Timmy’s interests.

Lifesong: Wait you included a Senran figure and it isn’t Hikage? We are going to have some words later Timmy. As a Senran fan myself I have to save that I love the expression and pose, but the battle damage look isn’t working here. Homura would look better if she just lost the outfit ent… Oh. The outfit is castoff… all makes sense now. The castoff version looks pretty great for what it is and I will admit that.(Zigg is never going to let us do this again)

6 thoughts on “All Your Monies: December 16th 2013

  1. Those are so coooool ToT in the anime expo that happen here (like, not so often), they sell things like this at best :’c

    I want new ones TuT it’s a shame they aren’t as accessible for me yet.

  2. I think Morgiana and Elf win this week, though I haven’t seen either of their source materials.

    I don’t even like mechs and I picked myself up a because of how awesome Muv-Luv Alternative was. It has a whole bunch of parts so i’ll be interested to see how that meshes with my complete lack of artistic ability.

    • I wish I could get more into kits but I am the most cack-handed man alive, so I’ve never dared. Plus I know some people who are into Gunpla and it seems an even more terrifying money sink than ‘regular’ figure collecting.

      • If you or anyone you folks know have put together one of these things in the past I would greatly appreciate any advice you might have on the matter. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and want to do everything possible to get it looking good.

      • The closest I have come to putting anything together is buying a recast GK of Nanoha’s Fate for the purposes of trying one out, and the thing remains unopened so…

        Your best bet is probably to head on over to My Figure Collection or Tomopop and either search the blogs and forums or outright make a blog asking for advice and maybe documenting your progress. There should be plenty of nice, helpful people on either of those sites.

        Best of luck figuring things out and getting started. I do really want to build some stuff myself its just finding the time to do it is the main problem I have.

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