All Your Monies: New Year’s Eve 2013


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aquagaze) will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week, it’s the last installment of 2013, and  I return to stem the flow of half naked boob figures with…oh god damn it.

Ryuko Matoi Kamui Senketsu ver. (Kill la Kill)
Phat! Company, June 2014, ¥7210


Zigg: I’m honestly really impressed by this. Granted, NSFW (ish) figures are usually not my thing, but this one is faithful to the show. More importantly though she’s not posed to be sexy or alluring or anything. Sure, there’s a lot of skin on display but this is a figure firmly dedicated to kicking ass, with a cool action pose, that gloriously huge sword and lots of great detail. Fit and finish looks up to scratch, I’m loving the base, and all in all this is good enough to make her my first Phat! Company figure. Pre-ordered.

Timmy: This quite possibly could be the least clothed non fanservice focused figure I have seen. Ryuko is all business brandishing that scissor blade about to bring the pain on some hapless foe. Hair, face, outfit, and base, it all looks great. While I was having reservations because she still has a lot of skin showing, Crunchyroll having her for cheap won me over in the end. Pre-ordered as well.

Jel: The original announcement for this figure featured promo art for Ryouko just standing still, so I’m pleased to see the final product is WAY more awesome. Aside from the points the other guys mentioned, I was impressed with the finer details like the different sword options that I didn’t even notice at first. While the giant, two-hand version probably looks cooler, you could also make a strong case for the shorter, one-hand blade in that cool baseball-bat-follow-through pose. The low price is just the final icing on the cake, well played all around Phat! Company, well played.

Aqua: I hate Ryuko’s completely ridiculous battle garb and I hate the half-assed “message” it is supposed to convey in the show, but that doesn’t change the fact that this figure looks incredible. The pose encapsulates the lanky twistiness of Kill la Kill‘s animation style and Ryuko’s determined expression and sweet head of hear both look gorgeous. The huge sword looks a bit odd when viewed from certain angles, but overall, I’d say there is little to hold back fans of the show from pre-ordering this.

Lifesong: Yes please, I love the combination of sexy outfit and badass pose. Give me a Satsuki and you have a deal. I can resist Ryouko on her own, awesome as she is, but if they make an equally awesome Satsuki I might have to buy the pair.

Nendoroid Luigi (Super Mario Bros.)
Good Smile Company, June 2014, ¥3280


Zigg: This is a cool get for GSC but I’m not in love with the actual product. That body is unusually lanky for a Nendoroid, which makes Luigi look sort of dumpy. You could argue that’s the point of course, but it still looks weird to my eyes. There’s a pretty cool selection of accessories to make up for it though – I’m loving the warp pipe and bullet bill especially. Ultimately this is not really something I’m into but it’s a fitting tribute to close out this, the year of Luigi.

Timmy: I feel like I should love this more then I do, maybe I am just getting a little Luigi’d out. He does look pretty neat though and the accessories seem pretty fun. Lets be honest though, it’s Luigi in Nendoroid form. You already know if you are getting this or not.

Jel: Despite all the love for Green Mario these days, I still can’t see why you would want Luigi unless he was part of a set with the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom cast. I mean they even give you the little smoke clouds to remind you the dude can’t even run like a NORMAL HUMAN BEING, but I guess you could grab him in anticipation of his genetically superior brother making his inevitable nendoroid debut.

Aqua: This nendo version of the green demon might actually be the best Luigi-related product to be released this entire Year of Luigi. After all, it is pretty much the only thing Luigi gets before Mario got it. As evidenced by the others’ opinions, seeing Luigi with an even bigger head than usual is pretty odd, but I do appreciate the multitude of accessories he’s getting. Whether anyone’s ironic celebration of this, the Year of Luigi will actually go as far as to justify buying this novelty figure, however, is a wholly different question.

Lifesong: Has anyone but Nintendo ever liked Luigi? He looks like Luigi and if you happen to want a Luigi figure this is a cheap enough way to get one I guess.

Maka Albarn (Soul Eater)
Medicom Toy, July 2014, ¥7340


Zigg: Huge fan of this. The pose is dynamic, the billowing cape and huge scythe/soul give it an epic look full of movement and action and I’m loving some of the more stylized touches, like Maka’s huge feet and the simple but effective base. This is Medicom’s first in a new range of static figures dubbed ‘Perfect Posing Products’ and if they’re all as good as this we’ll be seeing them here a lot.

Timmy: Looks like Medicom is stepping into the PVC game and they are off to a great start. Maka has a great pose and sculpt with lots of motion for starters, paint looks great too.  Of course it would be a crime not to mention both that great face and awesome scythe. Hopefully this will turn out well for them and we see them around more because we could use more nice figures like this.

Jel: Pretty awesome pose but the character design itself is kind of underwhelming. The scythe blade in particular bugs me as it looks like a spray painted foam weapon someone would be carrying at a con. I would say the fact that Medicom is starting a static figure line is the bigger news here than the actual figure itself.

Aqua: Don’t listen to Jel, the poor man clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Maka is one of my all-time favourite character designs, a perfect blend between traditional anime style and twisted, Burton-esque cartooniness clad in an outfit mixing prep school uniform with completely badass demon hunter stylistics. The pose looks dynamic as all hell and gee, how long has it been since we’ve had a sweet female character who gets to look awesome without a shred of fanservice, huh? HUH?

Lifesong: Good choice of an iconic pose, but I’m not fond of the character design so I find it hard to get excited about this. The weapon itself looks… wrong. I can’t really put my finger on it, but it looks fake even beyond the fact that it’s a plastic model. I think the problem is that the paint looks different from Maka herself. There is no shading on the weapon and because of that it kind of looks like someone took a weapon from a cheap prize figure and put it in Maka’s hands.

Sakuya: Seraphim (Shining Ark)
Kotobukiya, May 2014, ¥13,900


Zigg: This is somehow simultaneously spectacular and deeply boring. Sure, the craftsmanship looks to be superior but the design is so, so dull. This girl looks like every Tony Taka girl ever, is dressed like every Tonya Taka girl ever, has a dull colour scheme and a mad price tag. Pass, pass, pass.

Timmy: Really quite stunning. With the wings, hair, face, outfit, and base all looking pretty damn fantastic there are a lot of nice things to say about this version of Sakuya. And of course that bow is pretty neat as well. Its almost like this is Kotobukiya’s response to Good Smile Companys Goddess Madoka or something. I really hope they can keep the quality of the production run this good. At that price there will be many dissapointed customers if they don’t.

Jel: So Tony Taka took a character he’s done a half dozen figures of and decided to make her cosplay as Goddess Madoka, got it. As much as I don’t want to marginalize the fantastic craftsmanship at work here, is it strange that I find this boring? Maybe it’s the monochromatic color scheme or the aforementioned lack of originality, but either way my brain is just saying “just another Shining figure, move along”.

Aqua: You just had to add this, didn’t you, Timmy?

Lifesong: First off I want to say that Sakuya’s sculpt looks gorgeous, but the paint job is just… It doesn’t work. Her entire outfit and even her base is all the same color and I find that incredibly lame. For such an intricate outfit a single color just isn’t enough. Tony’s girls are at their best when they aren’t wearing much, or at least wearing something simple. Sorry Timmy but this is no exception.

Akane Isshiki (Vividred Operation)
Alter, May 2014, ¥7180


Zigg: This is a Vividred figure, but it’s also by Alter, which is what give it the credibility to be featured here. As ever, Alter are great at whatever they tun their hand to, and this is a good looking figure, with a cool pose, the trademark excellent cloth work, and a lovely face. Good call by Alter to take her out of her standard uniform as well, as this makes this Akane stand out a little from the others. Still…Vividred. Bonus points for including ferret-grandpa though.

Timmy: Another Akane figure with her showing off her butt in some questionable pants, though I really do have to give Alter credit in having her in a different outfit from the norm. As with most of their figures, everything here looks quite well done, and this will no doubt be one of the finer Akane figures on the market. The inclusion of the old man turned mascot feels pretty standard at this point, but it is still a nice touch.

Jel: Alter is continuing their fine tradition of crafting the most boring figures with the most ridiculously high level of quality. Akane’s pose, the awesome mecha inspired base, and ferret grandpa all add a ton of charm to her otherwise basic outfit. If you’re in the “Figures Posed For Maximum Butt Appreciation” crowd and aren’t bothered by her rather youthful looks (yes I am not so silently judging you), this is a top notch addition
for your collection.

Aqua: In case you didn’t know already, Vividred is an anime for paedophiles who like the butts of twelve-year-olds. That’s really all you need to know about this figure. Really.

Lifesong: Can I get the smug ferret-grandpa on his own? I don’t really want any Akane.

Nendoroid Levi (Attack On Titan)
Good Smile Company, June 2014, ¥3440


Zigg: Running out of things to say about Attack On Titan figures. I guess it’s cool that they made the cape work in Nendo scale? As ever the detailing on the gear and uniforms is incredible, but there’s been so many of these, and Levi is such a boring design, that I’m profoundly underwhelmed.

Timmy: The gear looks as cool as it did with the other two and the cape is pretty neat as well, but thats about it. Faces are kind a boring but Levi doesn’t seem to be that exciting of guy in general.

Jel: Levi’s expression probably sums up my level of interest here. The uniformed Attack On Titan designs suffer from a certain level of sameness as it is, and it’s even more apparent in nendoroid form. I know Levi is pretty popular with fans so it’s cool this exists, but there’s not much to see here for everyone else.

Aqua: I’ve wondered in the past how they would manage to make the inevitable slew of Attack On Titan figures not all look like a bunch of bloody clones with a different head. The answer, of course, is they didn’t even bother. Figures.

Lifesong: I don’t understand making things that aren’t cute into nendroids. Do people think Levi is cute? I know he is super popular, but cute?

Saber Bride (Fate/Extra CCC)
Alphamax, June 2014, ¥9690


Zigg: I love Saber Bride’s design, all those zips and buckles and that cool burnt dress. This looks to be a great figure of her, though the pose is slightly baffling. Why would you hide a sword behind that back of your figure? Oh and please, please put your boobs away, thanks.

Timmy: Really, really great design. I love the burnt dress, boots, buckles, zippers. There are just so many little details to see. Part of me wants her to zip up but the other part loves that her navel is showing so whatever. That blade of hers does seem oddly shy though. Come out little buddy so we all can see you.

Jel: I know Saber Extra is supposed to be pretty well endowed, but man we are entering Sonico territory here. That aside, the ridiculous outfit and provocative pose are all perfect for her character, and it’s cool the Bride design finally gives us a complete departure from the original Saber’s armor dress look.

Aqua: Whoever designed Saber Bride must have looked at the cast of Samurai Girls and thought “Hmm, if they can only design characters from the waist up, I can design a character that only looks cool from the waist down!” Cue this travesty, another cynical piece of evidence that Saber Extra really only exists to give the Saber design boobs and justify dressing up her in whatever fetishistic outfit they can come up with next. Sure, it’s “in character”, but what do you want when the character pretty much solely exists to be sultry? In any case, as I said the lower half of this figure looks pretty sweet, what with the burn marks, and Nomura-esque belts and zippers, but the top half looks like someone replainted a Catwoman figure, then slapped a bride veil on top of it because nerds totally dig the idea of genderflipped Roman tyrants becoming their doting waifu. Next.

Lifesong: Sometimes just showing skin isn’t enough and if any character in the nasuverse knows how to be flamboyant it’s Saber Nero. She isn’t going to let Gilgamesh run away with this game on his own, no sir. This has a ridiculous appeal I have a hard time turning down, but it also reminds me of my bitterness toward the fact that this game never came out over here.

Metal Gear RAY (Metal Gear Solid 2)
ThreeA, TBD 2014, $490


Zigg: It’s huge! It’s insanely expensive! The Metal Gear Pedant in me wants to point out this should have a tail! I love RAY to bits, and I’d buy this in a heartbeat if I had the money. But I don’t, so I’ll just gaze in slack-jawed amazement.

Timmy: I really need to go play MGS2 because I have no idea what this thing is. It does look pretty neat though.

Jel: That is the biggest figma stand I’ve ever seen.

Aqua: Great, they don’t even bother giving the figures clothes anymore, huh? Look at that pose, with her legs open and her butt sticking out and all that. This shit has to stop now, ThreeA. You disgust me.

Lifesong: What is this even?

3 thoughts on “All Your Monies: New Year’s Eve 2013

  1. Hey, I love Luigi. Probably because I didn’t own a NES as a kid and had to play Luigi all the time at my friend’s place. But even back then I think red is way overrated and kinda prefer blue or green.

    • Oh, I stand corrected then! I’m not really even sure why, but as a kid I always thought he was lame. I love the color red, maybe that has something to do with it.

  2. “Has anyone but Nintendo ever liked Luigi?”
    This. So much.

    That’s a very cool pose for the Maka figure but neither the scythe nor the face do it for me. The face especially looks horrid in my opinion, though that could just be the angle of the picture.

    The Saber figure makes me die a little inside each time I scroll past it. The design isn’t bad but from the face to the feet none of it actually looks like the character it’s based on.

    I think i’ll pass on everything this week =( (also, $490? What?!)

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