All Your Monies: January 13th 2014

Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aquagaze) will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week it’s still slim pickings, but we managed to find some cool stuff. Be warned though, some mildly NSFW figures.

S.H. Figuarts Sailor Venus (Sailor Moon)
Bandai, April, ¥3350


Timmy: You know, if this anime ever actually came out I might know, or care who this actually is. Maybe I should just give up and track down the old series. Anyways orange girl here seems pretty plain to be honest, though the glasses and especially the cat really do help mix things up a bit. I would generally expect only her fans as well as those folks who gotta catch them all to be the ones most interested in this.

Jel: It’s been too long for me to remember so someone remind me, does anyone actually care about Sailor Venus? I mean her color is orange, and I think it’s safe to say most people only tolerate orange at best. She’s also the most boring design next to Sailor Mars, but Sailor Mars can SHOOT FIRE so she gets a pass. Sailor Venus does have Artemis tagging along so that’s something, but I’m pretty sure you’d only be tracking her down to complete your Sailor Senshi collection.

Lifesong: I can’t see past those glasses. There is no nostalgia appeal for me. I just see a girl in a miniskirt with incredibly goofy glasses and a gaudy color scheme.

Zigg: You people are fucking monsters

figma Shimakaze (Kantai Collection)
Max Factory, May, ¥4,750


Zigg: This is another case where I’m not a big fan of the design and not a big fan of the series, but I can’t deny the quality that’s on show here. Little details like the brilliantly crafted fin-heels, the great painting on those striped socks and the adorable trio of Rensouhou-chans make this a damn nice piece for KanColle fans to pick up. That price isn’t nice though, and can we have a moratorium on sexed up moe military hardware FOREVER now?

Timmy: Despite being pretty fanservicy I have always found Shimakaze’s design to be pretty fun and interesting so it should come as no surprise that I would find her figma generally interesting as well. A nice set of faces and accessories without resorting to having a creepy clothes destroyed pose like the Nendoroid. And of course the little gun guy things are always fun to see. To bad she is sold out pretty much everywhere.

Jel: Yes I know KanColle is EVERYWHERE and is basically the new Touhou, but this is a really cool figma. Shimakaze’s bold design is instantly recognizable and her little gun bot things (this is seriously the first time I noticed they have faces) make great accessories. Definitely the finest antropomorphized battleship figma I’ve ever seen.

Lifesong: More moe moe warefare. I’m amused by stuff like this, but I’m not really a military otaku and I haven’t played the games so the military appeal is largely lost on me. That said, I’m impressed by this design on a whole other level… Zettai Ryouiki, bare hips, shoulders and navel with an outfit that almost manages to remain classy.

Inori Yuzuriha Yukata ver. (Guilty Crown)
FREEing, May, ¥7280


Zigg: I really like the bold colour scheme here – that lovely strong orange with the gorgeous fade to white at the bottom is a really classy, distinctive look, and a nice subtle allusion to her regular outfit. But everything else here is wrong. The pose is awkward and looks uncomfortable, the face frozen and stilted and it’s way too expensive for how simple it is. A shame.

Timmy: I think Inori has some nice potential as the face, pose, and sculpt all look pretty nice. The problem is that she seems to be missing that final pass in the paint department that seems to be consistent with the rest of FREEing’s yukata line.

Jel: This could have been a beautiful figure but as is it looks half finished. Her entire bottom half is just flat plastic and dear god those flowers are both poorly painted and there is not enough of them. They did nail Inori’s dead, lifeless expression and the Egoist fan is a nice touch, but this needs a lot of work before it’s worth buying.

Lifesong: No. As a fan of Guilty Crown, Egoist and Inori herself, I see nothing I want here. The kimono looks great at least, but Inori herself just looks flat and lifeless. That isn’t even entirely out of character, but without the context of the story there is no beauty in her flat lined expression.

Super Sonico Mouse ver. (Original)
Wing, April, ¥10,450


Zigg: Are sexy mice a thing now? Apparently so I guess. The giant cheese block at least give this some flavour (haha!), as beyond that it’s just yet another Sonico in a bikini. They haven’t even made the effort to make what little she’s wearing interesting. And again, price is a real stopping factor here.

Timmy: Alright, I’ll admit it. This turned out a lot better then I was expecting. Wing seems to have all of Sonico’s curvaceousness covered quite well. The sculpt and paint both seem to be very nice and the cheese is adequately… cheesy. The actual flocking on the ears and tail is also a really, really nice touch. A surprisingly nice Sonico figure and mouse themed figure in general; something we don’t see very much of.

Jel: Cat ears are one thing but who thinks mouse ears are sexy? Seriously, is it some kind of power fantasy thing or something? I’m done commenting on Sonico’s comically massive breasts that exist outside the realm of human possibility, but they did at least get the rest of her right. I can’t imagine why anyone would want this as there are tons of better Sonico figures, but I guess all the mouse and/or cheeses fetishists are covered now.

Lifesong: This is probably my favorite Sonico figure yet if only because it goes all in with her appeal. I’ve always thought she was a cheesy, moe mascot and Wing just took that and rolled with it literally. I am amused and the craftsmanship is high enough overall to tempt me. I just might bite, awful pun intended.

Asuka (Senran Kagura)
Alter, May, ¥8,580


Zigg: Because it’s Alter this figure is waaaay better than it needs to be. Check out the subtleties in the pose, like the fingers or the twist in the body. The off-the-shoulders jacket and scarf are great examples of their consistently great cloth work and thats one nicely modelled pair of thigh highs. But yeah, this is creepy, explicit and that expression just conveys fear and embarrassment, which is definitely not something I find attractive.

Timmy: As a Senran Kagura and Alter fan I want to love this. I really do. Alter have crafted a lovely Asuka and while it may not be the Asuka I was hoping from them, perhaps something a little more clothed and less fanservicy would have been more my style, it looks like the Asuka I am stuck with. And really, they did a pretty good job on her. The only thing that bothers me is that very concerned expression. I can’t decide if it is suppose to be one of frustration as she fumbles with tying her top or one of disconcert as she undoes it for a reason that would make her disconcerted. These type of expressions typically aren’t my thing and the alternate expression I was hoping to see never surfaced so I probably won’t be getting this which kills me. Although curiosity is a pretty interesting and powerful emotion…

Jel: Speaking of “comically massive breasts that exist outside the realm of human possibility”, it looks like Senran Kagura has finally moved up enough in the world to get Alter’s attention. I still don’t get the appeal of beach ball boobs (which look even more beach ball-esque with that colored bikini), but I will say those may be the most lovingly sculpted thigh high stockings I’ve ever seen – and we’ve seen a lot of thigh high stockings in this feature. Normally I’d say go for it if this is your kind of thing, but that scared expression that makes her look like she’s being forced to undress really ruins any positives I could think of. Alter, you’re better than this!

Lifesong: Is Auska embarrassed to show us what she is hiding behind her ridiculously small bikini or is she simply constipated? Either way, Alter managed to pack plenty of emotion into this figure, but I don’t like Asuka or her undersized bikini enough to want this on my shelf.

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